Yi Fu door model using correlation type optical fiber sensor system

by:FOT     2020-06-30

Yi Fu door correlation type sensor system models of use

fiber optic sensor * * Yi Fu IFM sensor sensor, sensors * * IFM Yi Fu fiber optic sensor, IFM Yi Fu E21101FE - door 11 - EPA - M3 / F613X0。 06/2 m correlation type sensor detection distance OB50xx 250 M3 amplifier mmOBFxxx 350 mmOO50xx 750 mm is very flexible and durable. Using high quality acrylic fiber optic sensor can simplify the connection. They are very durable, can be connected to the amplifier installation seat, and the light power will not decrease. Different models head structure for the M3 and M4 correlation system model, the head structure for the M3, M4, and M6 diffuse sensor model. With two different cross sections, very flexible models are available for users. Use Yi Fu gate chip tool available to the required length. Through the set screw, connecting type OBF or OO fiber amplifier. With 3 mm model applicable to the installation position is too small bending radius area without light loss of small bending radius. Can withstand high mechanical load and ensure safe function. Users can set arbitrary plastic . The detection distance can be comparable to the detection distance of the multi-channel fiber optic sensor. Can be arbitrarily connected to the amplifier. Optical fiber sensors * * IFM Yi Fu door sensor, sensors * * IFM Yi Fu fiber optic sensor, sensor SI5000 Yi Fu door ( A large number of spot) SI5010 ( A large number of spot) PA3022 PA3023 PA3024 PA3026 PA3027 PA3029 PA3060 PA3220 PA3221 PB5227 PB5320 PB5322 PB5323 PB5324 PB5327 PB6000 PB6001 PB6002 PB6006 PB7020 PB7021 PB7022 PB7023 PB7024 PB7026 PB7027 PC5020 PC5022 PC7020 PC7022 PC9532 PD3223 PD3224 PD7024 PD7026 PE3000 PE3001 PE3002 PE3003 PE3004 PE3006 PE3009 PE3020 PE3021 PE3022 PE3023 PE3024 PE3026 PE3027 PE3029 PE3220 PE3222 PE3223 PE3224 PE3226 PE5023 PE5024 PE5026 IGS23A IGT001 IGT002 IGT003 IGT004 IGT200  优势品牌代理:美国ASCO阿斯卡,英国NORGREN诺冠,德国宝德BURKERT,费斯托FESTO,德国哈威HAWE,德国力士乐,美国派克PARKER,威格士VICKERTS,德国E+H,日本KEYENCE基恩士,日本CKD喜开理,日本SMC,日本东机美,日本油研,日本安川,台湾气力可,台湾亚德克等。 Spot supply: Germany burkert baode, Germany festo festo, electromagnetic valve, series of MFH in the Italian ATOS ATOS, American MOOG Robert, KEYENCE Japan KEYENCE, South Korea YPC Germany REXROTH REXROTH electromagnetic valve, the VICKERS, helwig, Germany Schneider Schneider sensors * * IFM Yi Fu door sensor, sensors * * IFM Yi Fu sensors, door,

Yi Fu door correlation type sensor system models of use

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