Yi Fu door IFM OK5008 type optical fiber sensor amplifier

by:FOT     2020-06-20

Yi Fu door IFM OK5008 type fiber optic equipment sensor amplifier main features:

rectangular plastic fiber optic equipment sensor amplifier connector detection range 0. 。 。 120mm ( Correlation type sensor) Detection range 0. 。 。 40mm ( Diffuse sensors) Can be set electrical data electrical design DC voltage PNP work [ V] 10. 。 。 36 DC current loss [ mA] 30 ( 24 V) Types of light red 660 nm protection grade III reverse protection is bright/dark circuit output output function optional voltage drop [ V] < 2. Current load [5 mA] 250 short circuit protection is pulse overload protection switch frequency [ 赫兹) [120 monitoring range detection distance m] 0. 。 。 0. 12 ( Correlation type sensor) [detection distance 毫米) 0. 。 。 40 ( Diffuse sensors) Environmental conditions of ambient temperature [ ° C] - - - - - - 25. 。 。 60 IP protection grade EMC electromagnetic compatibility certification/test EN 65-60947 5 - En 55011-2 grade BMTTF [ Years] 529 machinery technical data shell material modified PPO weight kg] 0. 065 / a switch operation state display LED yellow electrical connection interface M12 connector wiring conductor color BN brown BU blue BK black white accessories accessories (WH At the same time supply) With a screwdriver. Two fixed bolt; M4 x 25; 2 a gasket; Two spring washer; The two nut comments comments if the connection is correlation type lens group, bright 'normally closed model shows that the output function. If the connection is diffuse reflection mirror group, bright show that output functions' normally open. When the correlation type lens are connected, dark pattern shows that the output functions' NO ', when diffuse reflector group is connected, dark 'NC' model shows that the output function.
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