Yi Fu door IFM fiber optic sensor technology application

by:FOT     2020-07-02

Yi Fu door is IFM optical fiber sensor technology in the 1970 s along with the development of the optical fiber communication technology developed rapidly, is based on light wave as the carrier, optical fiber as medium, perception and transmission outside be measured signal is a new type of sensing technology. As measured signal carrier waves and optical fiber as transmission medium, has a series of advantages compared to other carrier and medium of, does not fear the electromagnetic interference, such as light waves are easy to be a variety of light detector receives, can easily for photoelectric or electro-optical conversion, easy and highly developed modern electronics and computer matching, etc. Therefore, optical fiber sensor technology has its unique advantages in the measurement, the following instructions with respect to its application. One gate, Yi Fu IFM applications of fiber Bragg grating sensor technology Yi Fu door IFM photosensitive properties of the fiber Bragg grating is the use of fiber optic equipment, the fiber optic fiber core established a spatial periodic refractive index distribution. Its role is to change or control the spread of the light in the area. It appears, has made many complex the optical fiber communication network and the application of sensor networks, greatly widen the application range of optical fiber sensor technology, has been used in aviation, aerospace, ships, and civil engineering field. Second, Yi Fu door IFM fiber optic equipment sensor technology application in the measurement of engine under high temperature environment at present, mainly used in aeroengine high temperature measuring thermocouple measurement of gas temperature, high temperature thermocouple measuring temperature can reach 1700 ℃. With the improvement of combustion chamber outlet temperature, thermocouple is short of the growing problem of service life. Sapphire optical fiber temperature sensor based on optical radiation measurement technology become a new method of measuring gas temperature zui promising. Application of optical fiber high temperature strain measurement technology become a focus of research direction, for example, for the hot end of engine parts ( Such as turbine blade root and flame tube) The strain measurements. Three, Yi Fu door IFM optical fiber sensor technology in the application of PHM system because of its small volume, light weight, strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, the advantages of low transmission loss and long transmission distance, test system based on optical fiber sensor technology will become the PHM excellent subsystem in the system. Abroad in large telecommunication satellite, composite aircraft fuselage pressure bulkhead, satellite and other structure on the application of fiber optic equipment technology, study on testing and fault diagnosis. 易福门IFM光纤传感器相关型号:OJ5000 OJ5001 OJ5002OJ5004 OJ5005 OJ5006OJ5008 OJ5009 OJ5010OJ5011 OJ5012 OJ5014OJ5016 OJ5017 OJ5019OJ5020 OJ5022 OJ5023OJ5024 OJ5026 OJ5027OJ5154 OJ5158 OJ5185OJ5028 OJ5030 OJ5031OJ5032 OJ5033 OJ5034OJ5036 OJ5037 OJ5038OJ5039 OJ5040 OJ5041OJ5042 OJ5044 OJ5045OJ5048 OJ5049 OJ5052OJ5053 OJ5054 OJ5055OJ5056 OJ5057 OJ5058OJ5060 OJ5061 OJ5062易福门IFM光纤传感器OJ5063 OJ5064 OJ5065OJ5066 OJ5067 OJ5068OJ5069 OJ5070 OJ5071OJ5072 OJ5073 OJ5074OJ5075 OJ5077 OJ5078OJ5079 OJ5081 OJ5082OJ5083 OJ5084 OJ5085OJ5086 OJ5088 OJ5089OJ5100 OJ5104 OJ5108OJ5109 OJ5114 OJ5116OJ5117 OJ5122 OJ5126OJ5130 OJ5131 OJ5136OJ5138 OJ5139 OJ5141OJ5142 OJ5144 OJ5148易福门IFM光纤传感器: 吴海凤: 传真号码: : : 公司地址: 广东省东莞市南城区宏远路1号宏远大厦13A11室

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