Working principle of the infrared thermometer is analyzed

by:FOT     2020-11-16
Shenzhen even recommends the working principle of the infrared thermometer analysis: you don't know the principle of infrared thermometer and some basic knowledge of words, don't worry, when you see the following article, will see. Let's start with infrared light to illustrate, the history of infrared is what? In 1800, astronomer royal Sir William herschel discovered the 'dark' thermal radiation. In 1880, the word 'infrared' was invented. Samuel langley invented the radiant heat meter, measuring heating resistance change. In 1901, the radiant heat meter can detect 400 meters outside the cattle of radiation. After the second world war, many countries invest a lot of money for infrared applications in military field. In 2002, hit the photoelectric company USES its proprietary chip system based on storage and infrared technology, design the most compact, the battery life expectancy ( The use for 70 hours) And the most cheap infrared thermometer and advanced heat sensors. What is infrared? With any infrared ray of light, is a low frequency ( Or a long wavelength) The electromagnetic radiation. Anything in the absolute zero ( - 273. 15 ℃ or kelvin 0 degrees) Or more objects, will radiate out infrared light. Why we can't see infrared light? The eye is to look at the sun, two kinds of animals is to identify and detect infrared: rattlesnakes and beetles. But a person's skin can still feel the infrared: it's next to the fire, can you feel the warmth of infrared. When your car is baked in the sun, when you start the car, open the air conditioner, air will be cool, you still feel hot, but this is from the inside of the car infrared, it reaches your sensors ( The skin) 。 Using the infrared thermometer you will know that your car radiation temperature can reach 80 degrees Celsius. Infrared thermometer application theory and technology? No matter you believe don't believe, it is the main theory of quantum physics: the total radiant energy is directly proportional to the four square of the absolute temperature. ( Stefan- The Boltzmann's law) Wayne displacement law: the peak wavelength of the product and temperature were found to be a constant. Vienna won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1911. This is a big earthquake in physics, after the crash, classical physics, quantum physics. Infrared thermometer is how to work? Infrared thermometer sensor collected from the target small energy ( Usually to 0. 0001 watts) Through the precision amplifier amplified, converted into voltage output. - d converter by 16 bit CPU to digital signal, an arithmetic operation, through the law of the Nobel Prize for work out temperature equation, to compensate the environmental temperature and radiation effect, press the switch, you will get the target temperature within a few seconds.
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