WLL180T, fast response speed in the world Z type optical fiber photoelectric switch

by:FOT     2020-06-21

ShiKe wll180t series sensor is one of the world's fast response speed zui type fiber optic equipment photoelectric switch

zui quick response time to 16 & mu; S detection range zui to 20 m adjustable hysteresis of eight times larger anti-interference programmable timer can turn 180 degrees, according to the installation in any position can be clearly observed independent work mode, or bus mode ( Zui more than 16 sensors can be connected) The object of high reliable detection of the photometric

WLL180T type optical fiber photoelectric switch advantage: & bull; Simple and easy debugging & bull; High-speed reliable detection & bull; In the environment of the dust or mist has high reliability & bull; Bus working mode to save cost of wiring & bull; Selection of a variety of fiber optic cable, sick sensor flexibility to adapt to the various requirements & bull; Global industry zui fast response time, 16µ s) And the switching frequency can reach 31. 2 KHZ, offer high speed detection zui likely & bull; With diffuse optical fiber to 0 mm to 480 mm, correlation fiber optic equipment is 0 ~ 20 m & bull; High resolution and can be used for detection of transparent objects will be SICK photoelectric switch & bull; Switch point automatically adjust ( ASC) Ensure the instant under the condition of the optical fiber head of pollution can also be reliable detection of transparent objects & bull; ShiKe sensor

SICK photoelectric sensing WLL180t series anti interference function means that even if the fiber sensor switch head close to the installation, not 'crosstalk & bull; 2 x4 digital display, clear numerical display light intensity value and actual value, the Turkish sensor easy to monitor and debug & bull; Can bus type series connection, set for the remote control and provide a reliable choice, and the degree of zui big saving installation space, sick photoelectric sensors, ShiKe wll180t switch series

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