Why should use uv curing technology in low temperature optical fiber ring?

by:FOT     2020-06-29

fiber ring of low temperature on the basis of uv curing technology is based on the high pressure mercury lamp, wuhan is measuring test equipment co. , LTD. , a new type of modified curing technology. Are low in order to ensure that fiber is not affected by high temperature and under the glare of qualitative change a kind of technical means, and the core of this technology is to use a kind of coating quartz piece, the quartz plate has both ordinary quartz high pervious to light, and insulating coating technology stays, can realize the ideal of uv curing at low temperature.

of course, is not only the fiber optic equipment ring, many products in the UV curing, due to high temperature radiation, easy to product surface deformation, internal molecular structure is easy to change. To prevent this from happening, there are both curing way, a cold light source, LED curing technology, the band has focused on 365 nm, the curing speed is more than twice as high pressure mercury lamp, and a low heat, for the influence of high temperature curing product effect is quite objective. And the other one is we talked above, high pressure mercury lamp combination of UV curing coating quartz plate to achieve low temperature curing technology, quartz plate with a high rate of purple, main function filter, transmission ultraviolet ray, reflect infrared light, infrared radiation and the curing of the isolation, is now mainly used for UV curing easy deformation of the product.

a lot of people will think, why not directly using LED curing technology? LED curing technology with high efficiency, but because of its technical difficulty is big, and the domestic technology level is still in development stage at present, it is not yet mature, also greatly increases in the cost of curing, and most of curing product price is not high, in order to reduce the production cost, more is to use mercury lamp curing way, but in order to prevent the qualitative change, the influence of high temperature products came this coating quartz uv curing technology in low temperature.

fiber ring UV curing technology adoption of low temperature deposition quartz plate mainly ACTS as can filter out infrared and ultraviolet light through, usually used with UV light source, it can be a lot of reflection or through the UV light source ( According to customer's requirement) , mainly used in UV - Lower temperature curing coating curing process, the product good insulation effect, long service life, if used with uv reflective tile, the effect is much better. With ordinary quartz heat insulation piece, coated silica insulation piece. This product in accordance with the requirements for British imported coating quartz plate production, ultraviolet spectral transmittance is greater than 95%, the infrared spectral reflection is more than 90%, the membrane layer is firm, good insulation effect.

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