Why is shielding integrity so important

by:FOT     2020-07-16
Why shielding integrity so important when the German army headquarters 3 d ( 重返狼穴3 d) Game is popular, we are BICSI exhibition ( Click to view the exhibition news) Shows an exhibit in the hope of the Cat 5 link failed by introducing noise. We tried all the behavior of the taboo, such as put near the fluorescent lamp ballasts, large motor cable have even next to start the car engine coil, but the link is still offering the wrong base - 100 TX performance. At this point, as for most of the installation, there isn't much advantage in shielded cable. The German army headquarters 3 d games, the older data volume is small, less affected when we turned to 'grand theft auto' ( 侠盗猎车手) And 'halo' ( Halo) Game, data rate and the frequency is increased, strange thing happened. Interference from an external source problem still is not big, but put into operation the interference between cable becomes very serious. This requires external crosstalk ( AXT) Test and the test will bring extra workload for installer. Due to the shielding wire can significantly reduce AXT, the value of a shielded cable is obvious. 'Grand theft auto' and 'halo', a new game, data rate and frequency, impact and increase under the Cat 8 wiring requirements of frequency, the shielded cable AXT problem will become, so all the Cat 8 cable are shielded. The problem of the study also found that if on both ends of the shield termination is not correct, AXT performance could fall by 10 dB or more, it is enough to cause most installations from qualified to unqualified. Cat 8 wiring requirements shielding layer on the right side received the connectors at both ends. This is how the design of the system. But experienced installation personnel all know, there are some things design is one thing, the scene of the situation is quite another. This is the reason why we need to test instrument. The tester to test shielding layer, ensure the correct connection at both ends. The integrity of the test block is simpler way is to direct flow test. Applying a voltage in the near end of the cable, if the remote can detect voltage, argues that connection is correct. For the wires in the cable is right, but not necessarily correct for shielding layer. Because of external shield connected to the connector, connector and rack panels exist for the physical contact. Rack panels and connected to the frame, which in turn is connected to the bus, bus and connects to the ground, and is also connected to the remote bus, and so on, until the connection to the remote connector again. So dc test signal can begin from the connector, through the intricacies of the alternative paths, and at the other end. ( There are also other possible pathways, such as through the cable shielding layer in the neighborhood. ) Tester doesn't know what's the signal to go in the path, so will be cheating, thought shield connection intact - — Whether shield connection, even no shield at all in the cable. As a result, the Cat 8 test standard 'for Level 2 g tester, along the wiring continuity test should be shielded layer connectivity. ”( TIA 1152A Clause 4. 2. 2) 。 This means that the tester with 2 g compatible ability must be capable of detecting whether the shield from the proximal to distal are connected in good condition, and will not be as mentioned above by alternative pathway. Fluke Networks DSX CableAnalyzer series have this ability. This makes the DSX - CH and DSX - 8000 5000 CH fully meet the requirements of this part of the TIA 1152 a standard ( Not to mention the other part - — Click here to view the Intertek report on DSX series compatibility) 。 The function not only verify the shield connected correctly, but also help when the connection is not correct to diagnose fault, able to display the location of shielding layer connectivity failure ( See image) 。 This can save a lot of fault diagnosis time. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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