Why all fiber number is an integer 2 and 8 times?

by:FOT     2020-07-13
To now, you may have heard of available on the market of eight core MPO plug-and-play solution, which is 40 gb ( 40GBASE- SR4) And 100 gb ( 100GBASE- SR4) The ideal choice of the application, the application USES 8 optical fibers, four optical fibers are used to send, used to receive four optical fibers, rate of 10 or 25 Mb/s. Four of the 12 root fiber optical fibers does not use the 12 core of MPO solutions, 8 core MPO solution in these applications to provide 100% of the optical fiber utilization. But do you know? For the future application of optical fiber, 8 core MPO solutions will continue to play a big role. This is because, all future duplex, parallel applications based on WDM optical fiber and optical fiber are 2 root or eight root ( Root is not 12) Integer times of optical fiber. From 10 g to 400 g, given the current 10 g ( 10GBASE- SR) And 25 g ( 25GBASE- SR) Duplex multimode fiber application and are working on the next 50 g ( 50GBASE- SR) Duplex fiber standard, the standard support each optical fiber transmission on 10, 25 or 50 gb/s, it's easy to see why people happen to coincide to choose 2 root or 8 optical fiber. We have eight core gbase - 100 SR4, each optical fiber transmission 25 Gb/s. Now, each optical fiber transmission of 50 gbase - 50 Gb/s The SR promoted the multimode fiber 200 g ( 200 gbase - SR4) Development, including four optical fibers to send 50 gb/s rate, four optical fibers to receive 50 gb/s speed. 25 and 50 Gb/s transmission speed also provides us with 16 optical fibers ( With 50 Gb/s transmission) Or 32 fiber ( To 25 Gb/s transmission gbase - 400 and is currently in development SR16) Realize the potential of 400 g - — Both can be 8, rather than 12 divisible. WDM for multimode fiber WDM technology, the technology by a new type of broadband multimode fiber ( WBMMF) Support, namely OM5, we still can see the future of optical fiber application is 2 or the integer times of 8. For example, if the use of support on the four different wavelengths 25 Gb/s implementation of multimode fiber WDM option to become a reality, it will open with duplex fiber connection to realize the door to 100 g. The technical promotion to eight core MPO interface, we could use of WDM technology in multimode optical fiber transmission, 400 g - — Four optical fibers to send, receive four optical fibers, the rate of 100 gb/s. Single-mode fiber. The same point applies to single mode fiber. The existing 40 gbase - single-mode fiber LR4、100GBASE- The LR4 and gbase - 100 ER4 based on WDM fiber application adopts duplex fiber. Using WDM technology in 8 wavelength for 50 Gb/s transmission rate of the future application of single-mode optical fiber number still set to 2. In development for data center of short single mode application will use eight core MPO interface, including on a single fiber with 50 or 100 Gb/s speed of sending and receiving gbase - 200 DR4 and gbase - 400 DR4。 The prospect of the 12 core MPO what does this mean for the future of the 12 core MPO? In fact, the influence is not big. For those who have installed the 12 core MPO scheme of the crowd, they will still be able to support duplex applications. For eight core applications, if they don't want there is no use of fiber optic equipment, should use the transformation line and module converts 2 12 core MPO to three eight core MPO. Most plug and play, however, MPO deployment of eight core scheme will be adopted, because it is the current and future high-speed optical fiber application is the most effective, the most flexible option. The good news is that 8 and 12 core MPO interface with the same area occupied, can easily use fluke networks MultiFiber? Pro test - — Any solution, only need to test MultiFiber Pro can be used at the same time to scan all the optical fiber to show as a result, without considering the number of optical fiber in the connector.
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