Where there is optical fiber welding machine repair tutorial?

by:FOT     2020-11-13
Such as welding machine start abnormalities, abnormal sound, the work is not stable, and so on. Below we together to analyze the knowledge about the use of welding machine maintenance. Optical: open welding machine, the screen without light, open the wind cap found level light not bright, Machine without any response) 。 Anomalies. Insert the power socket didn't good or bad, the power converter power switch contact undesirable, disconnect power fuses, machine internal short-circuit or malfunction, battery, the battery voltage is insufficient or reverse polarity. Solution: check whether the power fuse disconnect, if the disconnect switch fuse ( Welding machine for 8 a, the power converter is 3 a) , confirm the power supply output voltage is about 12 ~ 13 v. Check whether the battery polarity reverse, if have the processing. Then restart the, still not solve the problem, return to the maintenance department. Optical fiber welding machine after startup, show only the icon, the machine no other actions. Abnormal phenomena: the keyboard reset button to have a problem, not up. Internal circuit fault. Solution: you push hard on the & quot; Reset & quot; Key, and then let go, again and again several times, see if I can solve the problem, or return to the maintenance department in the keyboard. Optical fiber welding machine after startup, always display & quot; System reset & quot; Reset can't stop. Anomaly: a new photoelectric switch welding machine has a problem or on the camshaft sensing column. Older machines photoelectric switch block slice deformation or big gap between clamp and the nose plate is too small, hinder the linking piece backward movement. Motor or motor driver has a problem. Solution: loosen the two inner hexagon bolt, the head cover off the nose cover plate. Induction column away, to plug the hole in the side of the camshaft, with 502 adhesive. If it is a big plate led photoelectric switch block slice, clamp block with forceps, gently pull (test whether reset to stop again. If it's with a travel switch control reset, the dirt in the switch. Still can not solve the problem back to repair. Kl - fiber was laid 200 half without image on the screen and very dark. Other models according to & quot; Automatic & quot; Key set gap, image conversion after the screen dimmed and no image, display & quot; Heavily armoured & quot; 。 Optical fiber welding machine anomalies: wind cap not overwhelm or spring without good contact. Wind cap or wouldn't light on the conductive column below attachment loss. Corresponding to the CCD is broken or fall off, There is something wrong with the camera shutter itself) 。 Solution: use tweezers grip the wind cap internal back-end between two contact spring pieces, then raised slightly. A new kind of welding machine, pressing with the electrode holder the two contacts at the top of the pillars to bounce. Still can't solve the problem of return to the maintenance department to repair.
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