What is the UL label on the box?

by:FOT     2020-07-16
What is the UL label on the box? You may see someone online sales Cat 6 cable, but the price is almost the same once you buy half of the price. The cable claims that accord with TIA - 568 - C standard, including UL certification, and even on the cable printing also have the ETL certification mark. You don't get excited, you may need to confirm the cable is not by the copper clad aluminum ( CCA) Made of. CCA material of cable is cheaper than using solid copper cable, but not worth the risk. These cables do not accord with standard, and does not have the national electrical code ( NEC) UL safety level. What do you mean the UL label on the box? If the cable is made of CCA and claimed that conforms to the standard, is the fake cable, also means that the UL logo without authorization. Have UL cables are through the strict test in order to reduce the flame spread of flame, so possess a certain level of security. If the UL is fake, so security level is also not to be trusted. Heat to bring all aspects of problems though counterfeit CCA cable safety risk is the biggest problem, but this kind of cable can also greatly lower the network performance - — Especially under the condition of PoE application is more and more popular now, including from the phones, laptops and Wi Fi access point to the video cameras, digital display, and even LED such as all that. The resistance of the aluminium cable than the resistance of the copper cable of the same diameter is about 55% higher. This means that the heat generated by the CCA cable, terminal voltage is lower. So, not only the terminal equipment is likely to get the required power, but also may be the cause of wire inside the heat generated by the insertion loss increase, because the signal attenuation is proportional to the temperature. Problems also is more than heat. Power in the process of transmission, is assigned to each of the line of wires. If two equal to the resistance wire, the dc resistance unequal ( Two wire resistance is poor) To zero, the current distribution, got the common-mode current. But on the CCA cable is almost impossible. Although the termination of the process and the consistency is important for preventing dc resistance unbalance, but common in the CCA cable diameter, concentricity ( Roundness) , weekly, and smoothness of factors such as fluctuations can cause the imbalance of higher risk, leading to the Ethernet data signal waveform distortion. The consequences are higher bit error rate, heavy hair, or even data link does not work completely. Why do you want to test the cable? Are some skills can be used to identify the CCA cable, including scratch wire, show the following silver copper cladding aluminum, even for cable boxes weighing, because aluminum light weight than copper. If the cable is installed, and customers are not satisfied with the performance, then truncate the cable and scratch wire, it is not the best way ( Especially when found CCA cable is not the cause of the problem) 。 Also reports that the counterfeiters are filling in the cable box ballast or use the heavier CCA, make it consistent with the weight of copper. Only testing cable. Test to ensure that not only conforms to the standard and meet the application is very important, and help find CCA cable. FlukeNetwork的DSX - 8000年cableanalyzer和DSX - 5000 cableanalyzer can test dc resistance unbalance, can test the resistance of the line of the two wire are the same, to support the common-mode current and valid support PoE, at the same time avoid the lines on the same data signal distortion. Test CCA cable, Fluke Networks found significantly out-of-tolerance dc resistance unbalance, regardless of the length of the link, the measured data show that the dc resistance of CCA cable imbalance index is unqualified. In addition, as the number of devices at the same time support gigabit Ethernet and PoE's increasing, as well as the support PoE power is more and more big, the field test dc resistance unbalance becomes more and more important - — Applies to all cables.
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