What is the main purpose of network numerical impedance tester to test?

by:FOT     2020-07-12
Network tester DSX - Or DTX - 5000 What's the main purpose of the test numerical impedance 1800? Impedance measurement generally refers to the resistor, capacitor, inductor and Q value and loss Angle, the parameters such as conductivity measurement. In the case of don't know a particular black box. These parameters can be measured. In high frequency circuit, resistance, capacitance and inductance can't calculate according to the ideal value, deviation is very large, even go PCB line will also be affected. High frequency circuit, the capacitor can be variable inductance, inductance can be variable capacitor, resistor is inductor and capacitor. Even a through hole inductance and capacitance into account. Deviation can be high to 50% ~ 200%, and if there is no network tester, it is difficult to determine the filter network, the resonant network, power matching network is working in the position of design. Such as you design good resonance point is 433 MHZ, if not, adjust the actual working point may be at 400 MHZ, this is much more deviation, frequency reduction to the intermediate frequency, may be outside the filter belt. Low frequency part does not need to network analyzer to, resistance can be 0. The accuracy of 1%. Want to solve this problem quicker access to download related instrument specifications, there are detailed. Professional technical engineers 0755 - or counseling 83999818, 24 hours online answer your questions. Experts! Network test problem is you have to find even the dispatch of shenzhen even - shenzhen, is a company with 18 years of professional experience in network testing, specifically for engineering in different areas of the business, to provide testing and equipment sales and service network. But the problem is the latest building materials suppliers manager zhang, he searched for more than the national agent fluke, finally only shenzhen even - the manager zhang the satisfactory solution to questions and needs, and many real cases of network testing, provide enterprises with confidence!
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