What is the industrial Ethernet?

by:FOT     2020-07-11
What is the industrial Ethernet? Industrial Ethernet because of its inherent reliability, high performance, and interoperability, have already infiltrated the factory workshop, become the first communication protocol of automation and control systems. In recent years, the market share of the industrial Ethernet has gone beyond the traditional field bus protocol, the latter usually require multiple independent and proprietary cabling infrastructure. In order to meet the requirements of industrial environment, industrial Ethernet encapsulation is essentially in Ethernet protocol in the special industry, to ensure that the need to perform a particular operation time and location to send and receive the correct information. Let's take a look at these agreements, the difference between the study the industrial Ethernet and commercial Ethernet environment. 1 four big deal industrial data communication occurs in the routing layer, control layer and the sensor - — Each layer need different levels of information transmission, real-time collision detection and decision making, Essentially predetermined route between any two nodes) 。 Although there are several kinds of industrial Ethernet protocol can support plant all kinds of communication requirement, but there are four main deal worth watching - — Modbus TCP/IP, EtherCat, EtherNet/IP and ProfinetModbus TCP/IP is the first launch of the industrial EtherNet protocol, it is essentially a kind of traditional Modbus communication, compression in the EtherNet transport layer protocol, is used to discrete data transmission between control equipment. It USES simple master-slave communication, of which the 'from' node without request from the 'primary' node under the condition of not send data, so its not considered real-time protocol. EtherCAT launched in 2003, is a kind of industrial Ethernet protocols, can provide the master/slave configuration for automated system of real-time communication. EtherCAT key elements are all connected to the Internet from the machine can only extract the needed information from the data packets, and downstream transmission insert data in the frame - — Often referred to as 'rapid communications'. Ethernet/IP more first launched in 2000, is a mainly by rockwell automation companies provide a wide range of industrial Ethernet protocol of application layer, by open network equipment suppliers association ( ODVA) To provide support. It is the only one completely based on Ethernet and use standard Ethernet physical layer, data link layer, network layer and transport layer of the industrial Ethernet protocol. Because of its using standard Ethernet switching, thus can support an unlimited number of nodes. However, required to limit the distance, in order to avoid delay and support real-time communication. Another important protocol ( Largely due to embed to Siemens and GE controller) Is Profinet, Siemens and the application of Profibus user organization members of the company common development agreement. It USES integrated to the equipment of special switches essence, Profibus communication extended to Ethernet I/O controller. 2 cable equipment features for supporting the industrial Ethernet cable equipment, compared with the commercial Ethernet LAN, there are some key differences. First of all, what we call the industrial Ethernet is far less than the speed of one billion we see in LAN and higher bandwidth requirements - — Around 100 Mb/s is a common rate of industrial Ethernet. This makes sense, because compared with downloaded from YouTube video, industrial network sends the bandwidth required of the automation and control information is just a fraction. Due to the industrial environment for cable and the connection must be able to resist various harsh conditions ( Vibration, chemical liquid, dust, and electromagnetic interference - — — Which meet the environmental requirements of MICE) , so the structure of these components to more solid than components used in the office LAN. Although the cable may be used, for example, only need 5 classes or super line 5 class performance, but industrial cable usually have more specifications ( Usually a 22 awg) Shielding structure to adapt to the higher temperature, to prevent noise, using stranded wire in order to realize the flexibility, and use the special such as polyurethane sheath material to achieve chemical resistance, oil resistance and abrasion resistance. The conductor itself can even be coated to prevent corrosion. These features make industrial Ethernet cable price is much higher than ordinary LAN cable. Used in the industrial Ethernet connector also need to be more reliable. Although designed for industrial environment and rugged RJ45 connector USES the seal in order to realize the dustproof, waterproof, and has the characteristics such as chemical resistance, but the M12 connector with smaller round appearance and 12 mm type locking screw thread and get more extensive application in industrial Ethernet, even if the shock and vibration, can maintain a reliable connection. In addition, the M12 connector usually has a wider range of anti intrusion protection options that can withstand high pressure flushing and corrosion resistance. M12 connectors provide linear and Angle configuration, can achieve a variety of mechanical connection, or 8 more common for 4 needle. 4 pin supports most industrial Ethernet application rate of 100 Mb/s, and gigabit Ethernet require the use of 8 pin connector, need all four to transmission line - — Sound familiar? For PoE, 4 M12 needle can support Type 1 PoE, to transmit data using the same at the same time to the line and dc power supply, while Type 2 and higher types need 8 needles M12. M12 to RJ45 cable components are also common, only need to connect one end of the cable to the presence of shock and vibration machinery. With the extension, industrial Ethernet standards organizations developing standards for the support, will help you to keep pace with The Times, quickly understand how to test and certification of these systems. 。 。 。 。 。 Stay tuned. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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