What is the cause of the welding machine automatic shutdown?

by:FOT     2020-11-02
With the gradually popularization of the welding machine in our life and production or use of more, will still have some problems in the use, so is likely to lead to the loss, then what is the cause of welding machine automatic shutdown? Below and techniques to see it. One, the signal sent a lot of old fiber optic equipment optical fiber welding machine welding machine in the case of poor signal, can appear the situation of the automatic shutdown, but this kind of optical fiber welding machine of the modern people is seldom used. Second, as long as the button will appear after the boot off the cause of this phenomenon is that optical fiber welding machine internal hardware have loose phenomenon, through to the hardware to find you can find the problem. In addition to these, the cause of fiber optic organs of welding machine is very much, now common are: 1, the irregular appeared to turn it off. 2, the button to turn it off. 3, calling is power off. 4, after the boot is set to turn it off. 5, let go is to turn it off. 6, the cover is turned off. 7, launch to turn it off. 8, lights turned off. Appeared above this kind of situation, don't try so hard, to accurately find the reason of shutdown, to check the battery contact plate, welding machines and see virtual circuit welding welding * of the situation, and then see if fiber optic equipment welding machine software problems.
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