What is the absorption loss? Scattering loss, radiation loss.

by:FOT     2020-07-10
Substance eigen absorption loss this is due to the intrinsic absorption caused by the loss. It has two bands, a 8 ~ 12 microns in near infrared region, the intrinsic absorption band is due to vibration. Another material intrinsic absorption band in ultraviolet band, strong absorption, it will tail to 0. 7 ~ 1. 1 mu m band. Dopant and impurity ion absorption loss caused by fiber optic equipment materials containing transition metals such as iron, copper, chromium, etc. , they have their own and the absorption band and absorption peak varies with their valence. Caused by the transition metal ions absorption optical fiber loss depends on their concentration. In addition, OH - is also produce absorption loss, OH - basic absorption peak in 2. Near 7 microns, absorption band in the zero. 5 ~ 1. 0 mu m range. For the pure silica fiber, impurities can cause the loss of influence not to consider. Atomic defects due to heat or intense radiation absorption loss fiber optic equipment material, it will be stimulated and the defects of the atom, causing the absorption of light, produce loss, but in general the impact is very small. Second, the scattering of the fiber loss optical fiber interior scattering, will reduce the transmission power, produce loss. Is the most important thing in Rayleigh scattering, it is made of fiber material density and composition of the internal cause. Fiber materials in the heating process, due to thermal agitation, make the compressibility of uneven of the atom, make the material density is uneven, and then make the uneven refractive index. The uneven was fixed in the cooling process, its size is smaller than the wavelength. The light transmission in encounter these smaller than the wavelength, uneven material with random fluctuation, changed the direction of transmission, scattering, causing wear and tear. In addition, the fiber contained in uneven uneven oxide concentration and doping can also cause scattering, produce loss. Three, scattering waveguide loss this is due to interface scattering generated by random distortion or rough, it is actually caused by the surface distortion or rough mode conversion or coupling. A pattern due to the ups and downs, the interfaces will produce other transfer mode and radiation modes. Due to the various patterns in the optical fiber transmission attenuation is different, in the process of long distance mode conversion, small attenuation model into attenuation model, after continuous transform and inverse transform, although each mode would lose balance, but overall generate additional loss model, namely due to the conversion generated additional loss model, the additional loss is the scattering loss. To reduce this loss, improve the fiber manufacturing process. For well or high quality fiber, basically can ignore this kind of loss. Radiation from these four, fiber optic equipment bending loss optical fiber is soft, can be bent, but after she bent to a certain degree, although fiber can light, but will change the transmission path of the light. Part of the transformation by the transport mode to radiation mode, make the light penetrated into or through the package in the cladding layer become a radiation leak outward is lost, resulting in a loss. When bending radius is larger than 5 ~ 250 px, caused by bending loss can be ignored.
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