What is optical fiber welding machine? Optical fiber welding machine knowledge

by:FOT     2020-11-08
welding, surely you are not strange. In the operation of the welding we will use the same tool is welding machine. Sold in the market of the splicing brand and type is various, how to choose a most suitable for your own fibre welding machine product is a problem that many users face is vacant, especially those who just enter the communications industry users more confused. The meaning of the welding machine welding machine is mainly used in optical communication optical cable construction and maintenance, so also called cable welding machine. General principle is to use the high pressure arc will melt two fiber cross section also let two optical fibers with high precision motion gently push merge into one, in order to realize the mode field coupling. 1, if the choice of application field from the aspects of application fields for the primary backbone fiber optic cable construction and maintenance, so suggest choose imported brand products, such as rattan warehouse 80 c, 62 s, Japan, Japan's sumitomo electric 82 c, the ancient river S179, S178 brand model; If the main application field for the secondary cable branch or trunk optical cable construction suggest choose the brand such as sumitomo T601C or T600C model; If the application field of 30 km trunk optical cable construction, FTTH, FTTX, home network, light box and so on environment construction, from the perspective of cost performance and meet the conditions, the well advised to choose a Chinese brand, with the development of optical communication industry and welding machine products technology advances, the domestic welding machine technology and quality are increasingly tend to be more stable and mature, including Michael sharp Hector MFS in chongqing T80 MFS - Fiber T60 series welding machine is one of the high cost performance products preferred. 2, from the welding cable type selection is divided into single core cable and ribbon cable, fiber optic cable domestic welding machine for single core welding machine commonly, stable and mature fiber ribbon welding machine for several commonly imported brands, so advice if applied to the construction of ribbon cable, welding machine imported as the best choice.
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