What is a DSX - 5000 channels and permanent link testing method?

by:FOT     2020-11-22
What is a DSX - 5000 channels and permanent link testing? Usually we again what kind of test standard mentioned in the testing process, engineering Channel is most used in testing, now also is to use jumper with Channel and then select the corresponding Channel standard, generally without permanent link because permanent link loss, it's too expensive to buy. So choose the jumper wire situation of economy. To remove these factors, we take a look at what is the difference between them? For DSX - how do we choose 5000 test mode. First: the permanent link test method. In order to obtain meaningful results, it is necessary to DSX - Select the appropriate link model 5000. The performance of the 'permanent link' is defined as: a tested permanent link after adding the qualified jumper, constitute the 'channel' of its performance by automatically satisfy the requirement of the standard parameters. Jump line 'qualified' refers to according to jump line standard has passed the test of jump line. Suggest DSX - 5000 use of permanent link test model and test standard for the newly installed cable link certification. In the life cycle of a permanent link, the user might jump line jumper wire and equipment replacement for many times, and the permanent link ( And quality) Is a constant. Permanent link test model requires 'test jump line' for the measurement process is completely transparent. In practice, this means that the parameter measuring, testing tools have to be more complex, in order to eliminate the influence of test jump line. However, the actual situation is that the permanent link model contains the characteristics of the 'end connection' - that is included at the end of the test adapter 8 pin plug ( RJ45) And the parameters of the link at the end of the socket. For near end crosstalk ( 下一个) And return loss of important parameters, such as 'plug - The different combination of socket 'will bring various unstable test results. In order to correctly evaluate the link at the end of the socket ( In the TO or distribution frame) And the outlet line, on the performance of the terminal of permanent link test adapter at the end of the plug should be the standard test plug, it to all the narrowband frequency test parameters to the allowed tolerance range provide components parameters 'center' of the performance, stable and basic don't deviate from the center. This requires that all these test plug will not very big, the differences between the most important thing is: to provide the stability of repeatable test results. Second: channel test method. To help restore service or application support activities need to detect cable, usually to channel ( Channel) Measurement, and at the end of a new installation is usually not in a way, Channel) Test ( Because each link of the jump line mostly haven't installed) 。 The right channel measurement must deduct tester channel adapter ( DSX - PC5ES,DSX- PC6S) With the jumper wire connection ( Crystal head) The matching effect.
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