What are the CCD optical fiber spectrometer on the use requirements

by:FOT     2020-06-24
Using CCD fiber optic equipment spectrometer on what are the requirements? Let's see: 1, the requirement of voltage as a precision measuring instrument, it also needs to have a relatively stable power supply, power supply voltage change is generally not more than five over one thousand, if beyond this scope, you need to use magnetic saturation voltage regulator, automatic voltage regulator or cannot use electronic regulator, as a result of electronic regulator in high voltage generated when clipping, cause electrical pulse, influence of electronic computers, microprocessors and phase sensitive amplifier work, cause misoperation. In order to avoid power supply line voltage fluctuations, significantly superior to avoid share the same supply lines using high power electric device. In use of the instrument, often should pay attention to the change of the power supply, can't work under over-voltage or under-voltage for a long time. 2, demand for cleanliness spectrometer used not only for the sake of keeping the cleaning of each part of the instrument, at the same time requirement for the purity of the indoor environment is quite. Keep indoor clean is * step, but if you cannot control a lot of dust from the Windows and doors to enter and fall on the instrument, so usually have to pay more attention to dust removal work. How to dust? Instrument and external computer, electronic control circuit, high frequency generator, monitors, printers, disk drives, etc can be used using a small hair brush and vacuum cleaner to clean up. Of photomultiplier negative high voltage power line, the high tension line and computer monitors and joint, but also with gauze with a few carefully erased the anhydrous alcohol to soot and dust. Internally, with the special brush ( Or cotton wool) Cleaning the tungsten electrode and around the inside of the combustion chamber black slag ( It is strictly prohibited to use alcohol and other liquid) 。 After dust, should be in mechanical moving parts to add a few drops oil meter. Other considerations for 1, reduce the number of switch machine, instrument to be able to open for a long time when necessary, turn off the argon gas, only 2, test, test data will be relatively stable head to maintain cleanliness, general to clean once a week
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