What are fiber optic spectrometer on the teaching application?

by:FOT     2020-06-27
fiber optic equipment spectrometer is usually used as the signal coupling, coupling to the spectrometer will be metering spectral analysis. Due to the convenience of the fiber, the user can build spectrum acquisition system very flexible. The advantages of fiber optic spectrometer measuring system of modularization and flexibility. The United States ocean optics miniature fiber optic spectrometer measurement speed is very fast, can be used for on-line analysis. And general detector with low cost, reduce the cost of the spectrometer, and thus reduce the cost of the whole measuring system of spectrometer basic configuration including a grating, a slot, and a detector. These parts of parameters when spectrometer of choose and buy must elaborate. Spectrometer performance depends on the combination of these parts and calibration, the calibration after the fiber spectrometer, in principle, these parts can't have any change. What are fiber optic spectrometer on the teaching application? 1, chemical measurement system we will be in school chemistry knowledge learning, for most of the students chemistry is very profound, it is hard to understand. Can be done in fiber optic spectrometer, various substance composition, concentration and identification. We will need to study the biological and chemical substances under the microscope to observe, may I have an intuitive way to students show chemical the wonders of the world, believe there must be more and more students fall in love with this wonderful world of chemistry. As long as you use this equipment can be to a series of analysis of material, such as composition, content contained. 2, radiometric survey of the development of the electronic digital devices in modern society extremely fast, our life has been surrounded by all kinds of digital and electronic equipment. These electronic devices containing certain radiation, long-term exposure will cause certain harm to human body. Teaching experiment fiber spectrometer system is mainly used for measuring the temperature of each wavelength radiation intensity distribution, to measure the radiation of the equipment. 3 in the film, film measuring teaching experiment fiber optic spectrometer measurement, application is very extensive. Demonstrate how we can use the device for measuring film, also can let students personally measure, increase the degree of understanding. Thin film thickness measurement is based on white light interference principle to determine the thickness of optical thin film. As long as through the equipment to measure film dielectric n and k value its physical thickness can be calculated.
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