Wei he wenglor OUM502C0002 type optical fiber sensor

by:FOT     2020-06-20

wei he wenglor OUM502C0002 type optical fiber sensor is equipped with glass fiber cable to use. Can be equipped with glass fiber cable or used alone. 。 Transmitters and receivers in the same shell. They analyze object reflected light: once objects to set the scan range, output switch. Compared with dark objects, the bright object reflective effect is better, so you can more recognition over a long distance. Features: IO - Teaching Link interface screen, external teaching compact structure style of wei he wenglor OUM502C0002 type fiber optic equipment sensor technology parameters:

learn data switching delay detection range 500 mm & lt; The service life of the light type infrared wavelength of 875 nm (10% Tu = +25 ° C) 100000 large hzui allow external light 10000 Lux opening Angle & 12 deg;

electrical data voltage 18. 。 。 Current consumption (30 V 乌兰巴托= 24 V) < 30 mA switching frequency 2500 Hz 200 & micro response time; S suction/tripping time delay 0. 。 。 60 s temperature deviation & lt; Temperature range - 10% 25. 。 。 60 ° C switch output pressure drop & lt; 2, 5 VPNP switch output current 100 mA residual current switch output & lt; 50 µ A short circuit is reverse polarity protection is to prevent overload resistance is NT teaching mode, IO - MT interface 链接V1。 0 protection category III mechanical data

adjust teaching mode for the shell material of plastic mold is all protection grade IP67 interface type M12 & times; 1; 4 needle

IO - output function The Link is PNP normally closed contact/normally open contacts ( The swappable) is
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