Wei he WENGLOR ODX402P0088 type optical fiber sensor

by:FOT     2020-06-22

wei he WENGLOR WENGLOR ODX402P0088 type sensor can be connected, Plastic) Optical fiber. By up to 12 extension module, can provide more article 15 cable. Graphic display can simply by way of sensor set menu. Signal intensity and threshold can be in numerical form or bar chart in the screen view. With the help of IO - The Link interface, easy programming, rapid diagnosis. Features: basic module can reflection mode, can also be grating patterns - modular system 12 can connect extension module menu heuristic set wei's recognition of the transparent object WENGLOR ODX402P0088 type sensor technology parameters:

optical data switching delay & lt; The service life of the light type red light wavelength of 660 nm (15% Tu = +25 ° C) 100000 h to allow external light 10000 Lux

electrical data voltage 18. 。 。 30 V DC current consumption ( 乌兰巴托= 24 V) < 70 mA 250 & micro 2 kHz switching frequency response time; S suction/tripping time delay 0. 。 。 10000 ms temperature deviation & lt; Temperature range - 10% 25. 。 。 60 ° C switch output pressure drop & lt; 2, 5 V switch output current 100 mA anti-short circuit is reverse polarity protection against overload NT teaching mode, MT, ZT, DT, FT, HT, IO - TP interface 链接V1。 0IO- The Link parameters & gt; 12 protection category III

mechanical data adjustment mode menu ( OLED) The shell material plastic protection grade IP50 interface type M12 & times; 1; 4 + 8 pin DIN rail fixed 35 mm

security technology data MTTFd ( EN ISO 13849- 1) 347 turned a

conventional data speed measuring X X password protection can be set menu language X logic circuit output and/or output function

pollution output is programmable PNP/NPN/push-pull is normally closed switch/normally open contacts are IO - The Link is

display brightness will reduce as the extension of service life. Therefore affect the sensor performance.

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