WALSN fire detection optical fiber ordering instructions

by:FOT     2020-06-20

because WALSN fire detection optical fiber types, and different type furnace, different fuels, different projects, WALSN fire inspection of used in different regions of the optical fiber is also each are not identical, therefore, when ordering, once a link error, will directly lead to cannot be used. Here, the instrument measuring small make up WALSN fire detection optical fiber are summarized in detail order information, for your reference.

WALSN fire test fiber ordering instructions:

1, WALSN fiber accurate models of the flame detector;

2, WALSN fiber flame detector zui end users; Some customers ask, why should provide zui end user? Because if the customer provide a wrong model, technical personnel can timely remind the customer, if the power plant with the brand, model of fiber optic equipment, flame detector for timely review of confirmation.

3, if cannot provide WALSN fiber type flame detector, provide specific parameters or one of the samples, drawings, also can be customized production;

WALSN fiber flame detector

is WALSN fiber flame detector order mentioned above, if you want to know more or have other WALSN fiber flame detector order problems, you can click on the web page on the right side of the online customer service for more consultation, or call the instrument measurement and control - — You close the way of purchasing consultant.

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