Using OTDR should pay attention to?

by:FOT     2020-11-01
OTDR is designed for FTTx network a high-performance multi-functional testing instruments. The product is mainly used to measure the length of the fiber optic cable, transmission loss, loss of joint physical properties such as fiber optic equipment, and can in optical fiber links event points, fault accurate positioning. Widely used in optical fiber communication system of engineering construction, maintenance, testing and urgent repairs; The development of the fiber optic equipment cable and production test, etc. Fault diagnosis using OTDR and ruled out, under the 850 nm and 1300 nm multimode test, single mode test is carried out under the 1310 and 1550. In general, the longer wavelengths loss is low, but if fiber is stress, the longer wavelengths can present higher loss, easier to detect the problem. Fault diagnosis using OTDR and ruled out, will get a loss graphic tag along the fiber length. The OTDR curve looks a bit dizzy, but it used to reveal the event type each up or down to indicate the test of fiber link. Experienced OTDR users can recognize tester, connectors, mechanical fittings, connectors, shooting line fusion splicing, did not match the optical fiber and the link at the end of the reflection events. They will know that appear in the link at the end of the small dot is illusion, not need to pay attention to events.
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