Using near infrared optical fiber spectrometer what to do

by:FOT     2020-06-30
Near infrared fiber optic equipment spectrometer when use these matters to do the following: 1, strictly abide by the operational procedures, such as equipment malfunction, immediately exit inspection status, and report to the depository or department head, find out the reason, handle in time, shall not, without approval, & other; Repair & throughout; And at the same time make use and fault condition to record and laboratory. 2, when located in the top right-hand corner of the instrument electronic humidity indicator lights flashing red, should be replaced immediately desiccant, including located within the sample storehouse desiccant desiccant and warehouse is located in the interferometer. If the instrument is long-term need not, at least once every two weeks to replace desiccant, and open the host at least once a week, every time on time shall not be less than 4 hours. Desiccant inside sample storehouse for color silicone, regeneration method according to the color silica gel. Also completes the maintenance work: 1, the gas control system maintenance near infrared fiber optic equipment spectrometer gas normal running of the control system is stable, directly affect the instrument measurement data is good or bad, if there are water droplets in the gas circuit and mechanical impurities mixed scraps can cause air flow is not stable, therefore, the gas control system to regular inspection and maintenance. The first thing to do gas test, open the power switch of the control system of gas, the electromagnetic valve is in working status, and then open the cylinder and the pressure reducing valve, the gas pressure indicated on the rating, then close cylinders, observed on the relief valve pressure gauge pointer, few should not drop or fall within a few hours, otherwise the phenomenon of leak in the gas path, need to check and eliminate. Second, because of the argon gas often mixed with water and other impurities, pipes and joints also have some mechanical debris falls off, caused by the uneven gas path. Therefore, we need to regularly to clean, remove the sections in the pipe, and then open the gas cylinders, short to put a period of gas, the tiny drops of water in the pipe, blow out dust particles, etc. In installation of gas pipeline, especially to the windpipe way tap on the atomizer, be careful not to let the pipe bending too much, otherwise the carrier gas flow instability caused by pulse, determination of impact. 2, the sampling system and the maintenance of the torch pipe atomizer is zui precision of sampling system, zui key part, need a good maintenance and use. Regularly clean, especially after the determination of high salt solution, the top of the atomizer, torch pipe nozzle has the salt deposition, channel impeded, causes aerosol is reflected in the determination of strength drops, often instrument reflected power increases, etc. Torch pipe dust or carbon deposit will affect the plasma torch lit and stability, also affect the reflected power, therefore, to regularly with pickling, washed, zui, using anhydrous ethanol to wash and dry, often keep the injection system and the torch pipe clean.
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