Using near infrared optical fiber spectrometer should pay attention to several aspects of requirements

by:FOT     2020-06-26
Near infrared fiber optic equipment spectrometer to measure speed, full spectrum information syncing, the repeatability is good. Is mainly used in emission spectrum measurement, absorption spectrum and fluorescence spectrum measurement, etc. , the following look at near infrared fiber optic equipment spectrometer in use should pay attention to these aspects: 1, to the environment require the use of the spectrometer, and the use of other large precision instrument, need a good amount of test environment, there are strict requirements for temperature and humidity. At high and low temperature, and humidity are directly affect the size of the measurement data and the service life of the instrument. When using the spectrometer, the temperature change should be less than & plusmn; One degree Celsius. Temperature difference is small, just will not result in a line of drift, swing cause measurement data. In addition to room temperature, is extremely strict to the requirement of humidity, humidity is too big, can cause the malfunction of the instrument used and even result in high voltage power supply be affected with damp be affected with damp, optical components, plasma lighting, such as variable capacitor discharge accident. General requirements indoor humidity less than seventy percent, the controlled between forty-five percent ~ 60, and equipped with air purification device. 2, the requirement of voltage as a precision measuring instrument, it also needs to have a relatively stable power supply, power supply voltage change is generally not more than five over one thousand, if beyond this scope, you need to use magnetic saturation voltage regulator, automatic voltage regulator or cannot use electronic regulator, as a result of electronic regulator in high voltage generated when clipping, cause electrical pulse, influence of electronic computers, microprocessors and phase sensitive amplifier work, cause misoperation. In order to avoid power supply line voltage fluctuations, significantly superior to avoid share the same supply lines using high power electric device. In use of the instrument, often should pay attention to the change of the power supply, can't work under over-voltage or under-voltage for a long time. 3, requirements for cleanliness spectrometer used not only for the sake of keeping the cleaning of each part of the instrument, at the same time requirement for the purity of the indoor environment is quite. Keep indoor clean is * step, but if you cannot control a lot of dust from the Windows and doors to enter and fall on the instrument, so usually have to pay more attention to dust removal work. I hope you use good to pay attention to these aspects of these requirements.
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