Using Linkware Live ID from Excel import cable

by:FOT     2020-07-17
Using Linkware Live ID from Excel import cable project manager needs to spend a lot of time to manage the cable ID. A project usually have hundreds of cable ID, data center and other large projects may have 50000 to 300000 ID. If bad management, cable ID error may occur, format inconsistent or incomplete. On the tester to create cable ID, typing errors may occur and the format is not consistent, even for the wrong ID distribution test set. Contractors in multiple parallel job is used in many sets of tester, a greater extent to improve the efficiency, this leads to the emergence of a series of new problems. For example, cable ID must be assigned to more than one meter, then you must merge the results. These ids can be repeated, may format is not consistent, because it is created by the scene of the different technical personnel. LinkWare Live can not only better manage cable ID, you can also in these cases in real time to check the working state. LinkWare Live with from the Microsoft Excel or other similar format ( Such as CSV) Import the cable ID, then the distinctive function of the synchronization with tester, can solve this problem. The function of the key advantages can be in Excel easily create/formatting hundreds of cable ID, then just click once, you can import it to LinkWare Live cloud. This can be easily through the Wi - Fi to download it to the scene of many sets of tester, not only can save the project manager to integrate the results and report in time, to reduce errors can also be more big. If the cable ID certification report incorrect or incomplete, can lead to costly rework, delayed payment, even causes damage to the customer and cable manufacturers in the future business. Management in quincy, Washington, us several more data center cable installation Teknon project manager Paul Cox said: 'the use of the function, I have to save hundreds of hours. 'By LinkWare Live, you can use the spreadsheet import cable ID. 。 。 Come and give it a try! Please refer to the article 'how to do' in the tutorial. Before studying this tutorial, you need the tablet or PC installed LinkWare Live Professional, as well as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet applications. From the spreadsheet import cable ID ID in the spreadsheet format put all ID column. Ensure more after there is a blank line behind an ID. The file save as Microsoft Excel. XLSX file or. CSV file. Note that each project can have more ID 5000 cable. More than 20 cable download only to have the 4 ID group projects. 3 or higher software tester. The old version would have lead to LinkWare Live synchronization failure. Microsoft Excel with functions of automatic numbering, can help the continuous sequence ID you entered. For more information, please refer to Excel the online help. In LinkWare Live in import cable ID light touch control panel ( 仪表板) On the project. Touch the project import cable ID ( 进口电缆ID) 。 The import cable ID pane to create ID group name, then select the spreadsheet, choose you want to use the ID test Settings TAB, and then touch your import ( 导入) 。 When the ID to import as much as a test, please create multiple spreadsheets, then import to each test, respectively. Cable ID to export to the spreadsheet you can also export cable ID, in order to use in other applications. LinkWare Live will each ID ID and test sets exported to comma separated values ( CSV) File, you can in a spreadsheet application, a word processor, and open the file in other applications. Export cable ID in the control panel ( 仪表板) In touch with you hope project ID is derived. Touch the project ID (export cable 出口电缆ID) 。 LinkWare Live will each ID ID and test set the export to CSV file, and to save the file to the 'download' folder, or save to any location you wish to save the download file. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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