Using home-made optical fiber spectrometer should pay attention to what things?

by:FOT     2020-06-26
Using home-made fiber optic equipment spectrometer should pay attention to what things? Through the photoelectric conversion device to domestic fiber optic spectrometer into photocurrent. So called spectral intensity, make the current direct measurements is called the direct method, spectrometer can measure instantaneous value in the industry, if we charge the current to the capacitor device, after a period of time, the measurement of capacitor voltage size is the so-called integral method and the signal is the average charging time. The following share domestic fiber spectrometer must pay attention to the things what? 1, pay attention to the need to amplify the signals produced by photomultiplier tubes, therefore, important to note is that the photoelectric conversion device of photocurrent is linear related to the intensity of light, The optical current and the light intensity of the photomultiplier tube produce relationship under the effect of light may not be linear) And the relationship between the optical current and capacitor voltage are known. Domestic fiber optic spectrometer of photomultiplier tubes produced by signal is very weak, so we must enlarge, direct reading spectrometer is used to measure the amplified signal, but in any case, each amplifier is obtained by the change of small signal to control the change of the large signal, quantitative is likely to push measurement instruments and equipment work. In the fiber optic spectrometer home-made equipment, we mainly use the equipment room weak low frequency power amplification equipment, why call low frequency? Actually refers to the audio frequency range referred to in the operating frequency. 2, pay attention to its analysis method based on the principle of spectrum method, the basic principle of the photoelectric direct reading spectrometry and its analysis method is established based on the basic principle of spectrum method and its experimental technology, only measurement parameters and data processing method is different. Atoms in the excitation light source plasma concentration determines the direct reading spectrometer emission spectral line intensity. Domestic fiber optic spectrometer analysis rely on light electricity multiplier to the intensity of the light signal into electrical signal. More equipment using photoelectric multiplier output optical flow to the integral capacitor charging device, the measurement of domestic strength of fiber optic spectrometer device integration capacitor voltage said line method. Domestic fiber optic spectrometer
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