Use the right operation method of optical test instrument for the first time

by:FOT     2020-07-14
For the first time to use the right operation method of fiber optic test instruments are so common fiber optic test instruments optical power meter, light source and optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) 。 Tests are required to use the jump line to extend the service life of equipment testing precision of the port; If the optical fiber to be measured in the optical power is too strong, you must use optical attenuator to reduce light power, can safely test; If the OTDR, optical fiber is measured not light power, otherwise, easily damaged in OTDR test device. Why use a test jumper? Port requirements such as light source coupling precision is very high, so the number of plug has certain precision limited service life, no more than 2000 times. If connected directly link, frequent plug, the precision of the instrument test port life will soon be 'overweight', according to our observation, some testers can test a day more than 1000 optical fibers. The right thing to do is to use test jump line ( The TRC, also known as test reference jumper wire) So that frequent plug wear is one end of the test jump line, rather than test port of the instrument. In order to eliminate the loss of the test jump line itself, usually before the test is to make a 'zero' TRC ( Set the reference) Processing, the instrument will automatically deduct immediately after the test the test jump line loss. About the precision of the test port life. For example: a large fiber engineering contractors, inspectors are continuous testing time is 300 days a year, the average daily test 1000 optical fibers, every lunchtime shut down the instrument, pulled out a jumper, put the instrument. So, plug wear instrument port will have two times a day. Assume that a certain precision instruments port is 2000 times plug service life, if the inspectors don't test, jump line and go directly to the instrument every two days will be sent to the manufacturer of the maintenance service center to change test port, otherwise accuracy can not meet the requirements. This method of using in practice is unacceptable. Replace the expensive test port and its accessories. And use the test after the jump line, if the plug is only two times a day, you can use 1000 days ( About three years) Before I need to check whether need to change the port. To guarantee test accuracy, usually need to zero the unqualified test jump line change. Why the optical power meter cannot directly access light optical fiber testing? In order to maintain accuracy, optical power meter cannot directly test light. If a direct connection to strong light optical fiber, test device will be destroyed after long time. Single-mode fiber optic equipment transmission equipment, in particular, for the sake of long transmission distance, polishing equipment module of luminous intensity is generally strong. If the short distance connection communication equipment directly, may be burned communications equipment receiver. If direct connect optical power meter, may be burned optical power meter detection device. Correct way is to refer to light the light power in advance, if is stronger, is because of the short fiber optic attenuation is very small, when testing must be added in front of the instrument to test, after the 'optical attenuator' in place to ensure that the light intensity detection device received no more than its larger safety capacity. Optical attenuator has a fixed light failure value, also has the value of adjustable droop. Why can't the OTDR directly take active optical fiber? Of active optical fiber is refers to the tested fiber optic equipment optical power injection, for example, the optical module in the connection work. OTDR is to use 'Rayleigh scattering reflected to reverse the principle of photon' to test. Due to reverse the photon energy is very weak, so the OTDR test device sensitivity than ordinary optical power meter testing device is much higher, so they cannot withstand more glare, otherwise it is easy to burn. Accordingly, when testing requirements of the optical fiber must unplug or ensure that the equipment in the power state. At the same time, also requires to carry unplug don't toward the sunlight or lamplight, fiber plug that would interfere with the test. If because of improper operation, light power into the OTDR test instrument of the side light module port, the instrument will jump out of the 'light power is detected, please immediately plucked instrument' prompt. All OTDR manufacturers have similar prompt or warning lights, warning sound, etc. If the tester, not the instructions immediately in accordance with the test instrument, instrument detection devices within the time longer will be burned to repair. In this case, the tester must be returned to the factory repair replacement of damaged parts. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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