Use reflective optical fiber probe online monitoring coating production process

by:FOT     2020-07-05

in the coating process need to monitor some important parameters, such as membrane layer thickness, composition, surface finish, light transmittance, reflectance and polarization characteristics, can be the method of using spectroscopy and double beam interference measurement. The use of provides a flexible tool for monitoring process, can make the light easily into or export the distance vacuum super clean room, and at the same time providing the analysis of the film with multiple measurement selection of geometry. Membrane layer of lighting and light detection can be different position relative to the film, mirror reflection, diffuse reflection, transmission and polarization can be measured, such as interference, fluorescence and Raman scattering. Monitoring multiple parameters at the same time, can use more optical fibers or under the condition of different spatial location or mask measurement at the same time.

a few appropriate structure of probe, can online monitoring the whole process of production. In some situations, can through the monitoring of the ion source ( Such as plasma source) The spectral radiation to determine the conditions in the process of coating efficiency.

for most such monitoring system requires special experimental layout, we can provide you with suitable for your application of experimental layout, here is an example of the application system only. Here the use of a reflective probe to online monitoring coating production process. through a vacuum device into the vacuum chamber, and then reflect to probe. Reflected light after another vacuum unit, enter a spectrometer to measure the channel. Reflective sensor can be removed with SMA joint. Channel, you can also add a spectrometer is used for the reference measurement or illuminant itself the volatility of the compensation for the measured results.


AvaSpec - ULS2048( 200 - 1100nm) Software

AvaSoft - Full software and XLS or PROC application


AvaLight - DH - S - BAL balanced type deuterium spectrum Halogen lamp

fiber probe root FCR -

1 7 uv200 - 2 - ME reflective probe, FC - 1 UV600- 2 fiber and FC - 1 UV200- 2 fiber

a vacuum device

FC - 音频电报, UV200 and FC - 音频电报, UV600

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