Understand the OTDR - trace information Optical fiber measurement technology

by:FOT     2020-07-04

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experts answer: understand the OTDR trace information

problem: OTDR trace provides what information?


optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) Trace by identifying and find out fault position on the link, to rule out the fault of link. OTDR can also check the installation quality. In order to realize the function of OTDR will find where is equipped with and analysis of events ( Contains the reflection and the reflection events) 。 OTDR can also be used for measuring the total loss of a long period.

before explain OTDR tracing line, it is necessary to first understand the OTDR way of working. OTDR in transmission in a series of very short high power optical pulse, and record in the process of each pulse reflected light. OTDR by special pulse laser diode to generate high power light pulse, and through the high gain light detector, such as avalanche photodiode ( APD) Measuring reflection or backscattering light power.

Fluke OptiFiber Certifying OTDR can certification, diagnosis, and archive fiber link, to make you a comprehensive understanding of fiber cabling.

when OTDR produce pulse in transmission, most of the light along the fiber direction. However, because of the existence of the general structure of the fiber glass and tiny defect, there will be a small percentage of light scattering to the other direction. This based on the optical attenuation coefficient & other Backscattering & throughout; Generally exists in specific length of . Backscattering is a small part of the scattered light, spread to the direction of the OTDR and back it to be detected. OTDR through detecting the change of backscattering fiber lessened pulse power source or the reflection of the event.

when light pulses have connection, broken, broken, connector, sharp bend or end, due to a sudden change in the refractive index of reflection. This reflection is called Fresnel ( The sound with & other; 联邦铁路局, `nel” ) Reflection. Besides the backscattering itself, with the source pulse related the amount of reflected light is called & other; Reflection ability & throughout; 。 The value in the dB for the measuring unit, for passive is usually negative, the closer to zero on behalf of its reflection ability stronger, Connect the worse performance) 。

OTDR results show as figure or reflection and backscattering light power trace, based on pulse in transmission distance, as shown in figure 1. Y for power level, the X axis for the distance. Look at the picture from left to right, the backscattering line is leaning to the lower right. Falling, suggesting that power levels for OTDR detector to detect backscatter shrinking. Reflection events are usually caused by a connector, displayed on the map for the rush. Loss event ( Such as joint) Displayed on the map for the fall line. fiber optic equipment end is displayed for the larger peak, followed by a decline in line.

most OTDR can also extract the event information from the trace data, and displays the text contains event location and characteristics of the form. Some of the OTDR has explained trace automatic analysis function. If you are not familiar with OTDR analysis method, this feature is especially important to you.

OTDR is using installation and maintenance department of a very important archive and troubleshooting tools. OTDR is a very effective single-ended troubleshooting tools, only need one operator in the end use equipment for testing. Using OTDR can check each individual connection loss and reflection ability, and not just view the combined loss, thus helps to improve the quality of installation.

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