Ultra low stray light consists of a new type of optical fiber spectrometer platform

by:FOT     2020-07-06
AvaSpec - ULS series includes an optical spectrometer platform, greatly reduce the stray light and improve the mechanical and thermal stability. This new type of optical platform has a double built-in mode eliminator and multistage compound parabolic mirror, thus reduce the stray light to 0. 04%, more than standard AvaSpec - Improves the 2 2048 spectrometer. 5 times. In addition to being able to significantly improve the stray light, this new type of optical platform also to increase the mechanical strength of the spectrometer to more than 10 times, making it of mechanical distortion and less sensitive to temperature changes. AvaSpec - ULS optical platform can use the following detector: 8, 1024204, 8204 L, 3648 and 2048 x14, and standard of 75 mmavabench optical platform has the same size.

AvaSpec - ULS spectrometer low stray light feature makes it especially suitable for the need to measure high absorbance of applications, such as Gao Huaxue concentration, high optical density optical element and long optical path of measurements. This new type of optical platform and spectrometer applies to OEM applications, also apply to the application of a single instrument.

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