To make high-quality goods Wi NETSCOUT with huawei WLAN combination - Fi network

by:FOT     2020-07-12
Elaborate Wi - Fi network, NETSCOUT's star AirMagnet product has integrated the huawei WLAN802. 11 ac series AP, making Wi - Fi network planning and design will become more simple and easy. NETSCOUT real-time services is a leading global solution to the security and network test market leaders, and huawei WLAN holds an important position in global WLAN, this cooperation is just the first step in combination, the future NETSCOUT will with excellent partner for further cooperation, such as huawei to make high quality products for Chinese users Wi - together Fi network. Wi - about NETSCOUTAirMagnetAirMagnet is the industry's most professional Fi network planning and design tool, it can provide its wireless network engineering, planning and assessment, to help enterprise customers realize the best performance and security, to assist the operations staff to quickly pinpoint network fault. The main products include: AirMagnet SurveryAirMagnet Spectrum XTAirMagnet Wi - Not only for Wi - FiAnalyzer PROAirMagnet Planner these tools Fi network planning and design, rapid deployment provides accurate guidance, to provide security for the network and stable operation. Network engineer team perform on-site investigation no effort. NETSCOUT ceaselessly in China and even global market into enables products and solutions to meet the demand of users timely and resolve user problems. By providing standardized tools and technical support of authority and the known and the close cooperation, NETSCOUT for all kinds of requirements is the most stringent service provider network to provide quality services, enterprise and government.
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