To get to know the color of the miniature fiber optic spectrometer measurement software

by:FOT     2020-07-08
Manufacturer of micro fiber spectrometer analysis object color can by CIE, L*a*b*) Color space to describe. L * represents the brightness of the color. Is a * value on behalf of the red, negative values of a * on behalf of the green. Similarly, is b * value represents the yellow, negative b * value on behalf of the blue. L * a * b * value can be made of the sample ( Objects) CIE tristimulus values X, Y, Z and standard illuminant tristimulus values Xn, Yn, zinc is derived. The standard illuminant tristimulus values Xn, Yn, zinc is constant, only related to the selected standard light source type. Object color CIE tristimulus values X, Y, Z is a standard light source, the relative power P, objects of reflectance (R ( Or the transmittance T) And CIE standard observation function xλ ,yλ ,zλ ( 2 degrees or 10 degrees) Multiply by. The resulting value in the visible light range of wavelength points can get tristimulus values. No matter use which kinds of color spectrometer measurement, need to be fully functional color application of micro fiber spectrometer software. Software friendly interface, simple operation, comprehensive functions, users can set data acquisition parameters in the dialog ( Integration time such as the detector, automatic correction dark background, signal average, spline interpolation and spectral smoothing) Wavelength, at the same time, software and automatic calibration, automatic calibration drift and periodic storage spectrum etc. Function. Miniature fiber optic spectrometer color measurement application software is to use online color measuring spectrometer system. It can be used for reflection type color measurement, color measurement application software can calculate CIE1976L * a * b * color parameters, also can calculate other parameters in common use such as color, Hue) Chroma ( Chroma) And X, Y, Z values, etc. These parameters can be used a CIELAB, according to the table can also monitor up to eight color parameters change over time. Can also use online measure to L * a * b * is stored in the database, and then put a product color in the database as a reference. Were measured by comparing the L * a * b * value and reference color, can have off color, △Elab,△L*,△a*,△b*) 。
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