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by:FOT     2020-11-14

Using OTDR test new links to your network health depends on the quality of your network infrastructure. This kind of quality begins with the contractor or system integrators to complete certification of fiber optic cabling infrastructure is installed correctly. To protect critical business applications, maintaining the reliability of the optical fiber line is necessary. As a network administrator, to understand how to achieve the best performance from cable input and how to quickly solve the problem is very important if a problem occurs. Most of the customers are familiar with basic authentication Sometimes referred to as level 1 certification for fiber optic attenuation measurement ( Insertion loss) , length and polarity. This test to ensure that the wastage of the fiber optic equipment link display below the application under test can withstand maximum loss is expected. Simple light source/power meter or more complex automatic fiber loss test suite can perform this function. Senior or certification level 2 optical fiber increased the end-to-end optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) For level 1 test. OTDR trace is along the length of fiber attenuation characteristics of graphics, you can check the discrepancy in OTDR tracing line to look deeply link components ( Fiber optic cable, connector and joining together) Performance and quality of installation. More advanced devices can facilitate understanding of individual components and link event figure and loss of value. OTDR trace will help implement contains only loss/length ( Level 1) Test does not usually exposed the characteristics of a single event. Only through the full optical fiber certification, installation personnel to the comprehensive understanding of the optical fiber installation, network owners can prove whether the quality of the installation is satisfactory. The optical fiber testing for certification installation technology and quality is in line with the current design and guarantee specifications and in the future of the application. Using a two-way test level 2 (OTDR OTDR) Testing the bidirectional fiber optic equipment link is not only needed for industry standard and most manufacturers during the warranty, is also the only way to learn about the power of the link of the whole loss. This is because the optical fiber connector and splicing loss as well as the overall link loss measurement, depends on the test direction. In the optical fiber link test can provide a direction in contrast to the opposite direction of optical fiber link test results. Because need a lot of time and cost from both test, so the technician in order to save time, as far as possible will often first test all links in the end, and then to the other end. It is a pity that this approach will work. In order to measure accurately the direction of the two optical fiber link, during the two tests, transmitting and receiving optical fiber must keep the original measurement location ( Standard is also such a requirement) 。 But if you test all links in the end, first go to the other end, it's impossible. In order to solve the dilemma, you can simultaneously measure the two optical fibers, using circuit connect two optical fibers together. This can be a measurement of duplex link of two optical fibers, no OTDR will be moved to the far end. OTDR as Networks OptiFiber Pro features of 'SmartLoop' technology, in the test when duplex fiber optic link can check whether there is a loop and receiving optical fiber and optical fiber. Using SmartLoop, technicians can deploy multiple loop in the distal proximal and perform a series of two-way test without leaving - - Save at least 50% of the test of time. Using OTDR test questions OTDR will also be able to maintain the performance of the optical fiber links. OTDR can draw wiring diagram, and may affect the performance of network termination specified quality and fault location. OTDR allowed along the length of optical fiber channel detection may affect fiber long-term reliability issues. OTDR will analyze consistency and decay rate, fiber length, the position of the connector, connector, and insertion loss characteristics and in the process of cable installation or after a sharp bend, and other events that may occur. When need to choose appropriate OTDR, network engineers should ensure that the tool has some functions, such as loss length authentication, channel/event view, power meter function, easy to use interface and intelligent remote option. In addition, OTDR record results reliable way to provide. But for the OTDR experts need to quickly locate the problem of users, automatic equipments and event figure let OTDR function is essential for easy operation. OptiFiber Pro OTDR acclaimed tools such as provide the ultimate test and troubleshooting solution, make sure you keep the key network cabling health. Using OptiFiber Pro OTDR, network engineers need to use this single easy-to-use OTDR tool you will has the ability of expert inspection, verification, certification, inspection and record the fiber optic cabling.
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