Tianjin optical fiber acceleration, increase fiber penetration

by:FOT     2020-06-27

tianjin acceleration, increase fiber penetration. Broadband in the global, broadband line user ratio has dropped, network line market growth is slowing down. Optical fiber line demand is ushered in the period of development. Fiber such as home, fiber optic jumper wire application market will expand.

recently, tianjin unicom beginning the third broadband free acc, fiber optic broadband users enjoy high bandwidth zui can free up to 25 m. Estimates that 2015 years ago, tianjin unicom will end in an access change copper city, urban residence fiber cover rate will reach 100%, & other end; fiber optic equipment cities throughout tianjin & wit; The guidelines. It is understood that to facilitate & other; Optical fiber cities throughout tianjin & wit; Building, continuous improvement of tianjin 2 million home broadband users of the service quality, make tianjin citizens enjoy faster and more secure fiber-optic broadband service, combining the resources of the network and service recently, tianjin unicom arrange third broadband speed free promotion work. Specific measures as follows: in six areas of the city, the new four area and within the scope of tanggu, tianjin unicom oriented & other; Walter & middot; Family & throughout; Plan B, comfortable home broadband monthly users, the original rate of 10 m free up to 12 m, the original 15 m rate up to 20 m free, the original 20 m rate of up to 25 m free of charge. Within the scope of the other counties, tianjin unicom fiber access & other; Walter & middot; Family & throughout; Version online, plan A, B and comfortable home broadband monthly users, the original 2 m rate up to 4 m free, free up the original 4 m rate to 6 m, the rate of 6 m free up to 8 m, the original rate of 8 m free up to 12 m, the original 10 m rate up to 20 m free, the rate of 15 m and 20 m rate of up to 25 m free of charge. By the end of the quarter of 2013, tianjin unicom fiber optic enter a cumulative cover area 3285, cover 2. 25 million, during which the old village transformation over 2445, cover 1. 65 million households; Urban residence fiber door cover rate reached 60%. This year, tianjin unicom will continue to accelerate urban residence district of fiber optic enter a building, the as cover rate will reach 80%, uniform bandwidth will reach more than 20 m; Attaches great importance to the promotion of business building fiber cover rate, new commercial buildings will be built, packtized 100% old business building will be partial, phased orderly packtized renovation; Modification of rural residence forms FTTC, 2 m cover rate will reach 100%.

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