Three influence factors of fiber optic spectrometer performance

by:FOT     2020-06-24
Spectroscopy is the measurement of ultraviolet, visible and near infrared and infrared light intensity of a technology. Spectral measurement is widely used in various fields, such as color measuring, analysis of the concentration of the chemical composition of test or electromagnetic radiation, etc. The advantages of optical fiber spectrometer is system of modularization and flexibility. The United States ocean optics has miniature fiber optic equipment spectrometer measurement speed is very fast, it can be used for on-line analysis. Universal detector and choose due to its low cost, so the cost of the spectrometer is greatly reduced, thus greatly extend its application field. Three influence factors of fiber optic spectrometer performance introduced: 1, the size of the slit slit will affect the amount of light, the optical quantity is big, spectral range will also increase, small slit, less light, there will be fewer spectral range. Slit can increase the equipment sensitivity, but lose resolution. Different application fields of slit width different requirements, choose the appropriate width can optimize the test results. Slit parameters change will have a big impact on the performance of the spectrometer, when we use to choose suitable width, so as not to affect the results of the study. 2, the performance of the optical resolution of the optical fiber spectrometer is mainly determined by spectral range, optical resolution and sensitivity. The normal spectral range in 200 nm - usually 2200 nm. Resolution is inversely proportional to the resolution and spectral range, that is to say the higher equipment spectral range is wider. On the contrary, the higher the resolution requirements, its luminous flux will be less. These two parameters change can seriously affect the observation effect of the equipment. 3, filter fiber spectrometer using filter can reduce the interference of multistage diffraction. Spectrometer to be in the factory will have filters in place. Also coating on the filter, this also has the function of anti-reflective layer corresponding improve the SNR of the system. If there is no installation filter, can seriously affect the equipment level of observation.
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