The working principle of wei he ODX type optical fiber sensor

by:FOT     2020-07-06

we want wei he ODX type sensor? Want to know wei he ODX type sensor principle of work? That will come to our company, the following report is our professionals do, specific content is as follows:

zeigler ODX type sensor is a kind of transform the state of an object to be tested for measurable optical signal of the sensor. Working principle of sensor is to light the incident beam through the to the modulator, within the modulator measured parameters of the interaction with the outside world, to make the optical properties of the light as the light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase, polarization, such as change, become the light of the modulated signal, through the into the photoelectric devices, after demodulator for the parameter being measured.

wei he ODX type sensor features:

external teaching

buttons potentiometer, teach screen

detection and wide range

can reflection mode, can also be grating pattern

identify transparent object

these sensors can be connected wenglor ( Plastic) Optical fiber. Function with the help of a simple teaching can be very good to adjust the sensor, ensure that can be measured in a reliable way of transparent objects in grating pattern. Through the external teaching, automatic scope is suitable for various applications. Without complex procedures, can be easily sensor installed on the rail DIN standard.

wei he ODX data type sensor technology:

optical data

switch lag & lt; 15%

light type red

wavelength of 660 nm

service life ( Tu = + 25° C) 100000 hours

big allowed foreign 10000 - lux light

wei Glenn ODX type sensor, the electrical data:

10 power supply voltage. 。 。 30 V DC

current consumption ( 乌兰巴托= 24 V) < 40 mA

2 kHz switching frequency

response time & 250 mu; S

suction/tripping time delay 0. 。 。 200 milliseconds

temperature deviation & lt; 10%

- temperature range 25. 。 。 60° C

switch output pressure drop & lt; 2. 5 V

switch output switch current 200 ma

anti-short circuit is

reverse polarity protection is

prevent overload is

the teaching mode of NT and MT, ZT, DT, TP

protection grade III

wei he ODX type sensor mechanical data:

set mode teaching

plastic shell materials

completely encapsulated is

protection grade IP65

connection M8 & times; 1; 4 needle

support rail fastening 35 mm

wei he ODX type sensor output function:

programmable PNP/NPN/push-pull is

can be normally closed switch/normally open contacts are

zui, I'll introduce you wei he ODX type sensor principle of work for your reference, see the following description:

wei he ODX type basic working principle of sensor is to light through the from the light source to the modulator, the parameters under test and after entering modulation OuDeGuang interaction, leads to the optical properties of the light ( As the light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase, polarization, etc. ) Change, called a modulated signal light, recycled by measuring the transmission properties of optical influence, complete the measurement.

wei Glenn ODX type sensor of measuring principle, there are two.

( 1) Wei he ODX type property type sensor principle, property type sensor sensitivity to the environment changes, is the use of input quantity transform as the light of the modulation signal. Its working principle is based on fiber optic light modulation effect of the fiber in the external environment factors, such as temperature, pressure, electric field, magnetic field, and so on change, its optical characteristics, such as phase and intensity, the phenomenon of change.

so, if we can measure by the light of the phase, the light intensity change, you can know the change of physical quantity being measured. This kind of sensor is also known as sensitive element type or functional fiber optic sensor. Laser point light beam spread for parallel wave, the beam splitter can be divided into two road, a benchmark for optical path, the other for measuring light path. The parameters ( Temperature, pressure, vibration, etc. ) Cause the change of fiber length and phase of light phase change, resulting in a different number of interference fringes, counting on its mode to mobile can be measured, such as temperature or pressure.

( 2) Wei he ODX type structural principle of sensor, structured sensor is made up of optical detecting element ( Sensitive element) With transmission circuit and measurement circuit of measuring system. The as transmission medium of light only, so also known as the light type or non functional fiber optic sensor.

hope the above of Glenn ODX type fiber optic sensor, information can help to you, if you have different opinions, welcome to dian.

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