The working principle of optical fiber endoscope and application field

by:FOT     2020-06-27

fiber endoscope is the use of fiber optic light, transmission principle, and through the eyepiece being inspected. Due to the fiber optic equipment probe can be bent freely on the horizontal and vertical direction, so it's easy to into the device and exploring the internal structure and defect. Industrial fiber endoscope is widely used in machinery manufacturing, aviation shipbuilding, electric power, petrochemical, weapons, metallurgy and so on various industrial departments, inspection equipment, welding quality and surface corrosion. Suitable for high temperature toxic, radiation and for the human eye to be able to see contact place, can easily and quickly check all kinds of machinery, equipment, assembly inside of the object, do not need to remove or be destroyed assembly can direct the rapid checks.

fiber endoscopy application industry: 1, aerospace used in military and civilian aircraft engine blades, combustion chamber and the fuselage, and maintenance of the quality of the tank equipment inspection; 2, military, gun tube used in submarines, tanks, armoured vehicles and maintenance of equipment, such as quality inspection; 3, car for chassis, chassis, engine, the nozzle, fluid pressure piping and electrical wiring and maintenance of quality inspection; 4, and defense/security for fixed and mobile checkpoints on car, container, person or device, such as contraband video inspection, can also be applied to the disaster, the scene of the accident rescue trapped people; 5, municipal/construction for municipal, construction sites, pipe, line, engineering, wall, structure seam, the video inspection and maintenance of the water table; 6, power generation used in nuclear power, thermal, fire, water, wind power generation equipment such as turbine, cold heat exchange tube and maintenance of quality inspection; 7, oil/gas/chemical used in the pipeline, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, the steam generator and the assembly process and maintenance of quality inspection; 8, electrical/electronics industry for monitoring equipment and automatic operation, fixed-point video inspection, and can be applied to the product research and development; 9, sea/river used in underwater fish visit, order, fishing, hydrological data survey and underwater video security monitoring; 10, education/study for dynamic observation of cave animals, insects, plants, karst cave exploration, research, and video detection and study of underground cultural relics and archaeology.

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