The working principle of optical fiber attenuator

by:FOT     2020-06-19
Fiber optic attenuator, also known as optical attenuator, is a kind of used to reduce the free space or in the fiber optic equipment optical power device, it can use all kinds of technical debugging light power, to reduce the light signal energy, so as to adjust the light power to desired levels, is used in optical fiber communication system one of the common optical devices, optical attenuator, as a kind of passive components. Optical attenuator is mainly used for debugging light power performance of optical communication system, optical instrument calibration correction and optical signal attenuation. Working principle of fiber optic attenuator, fiber optic attenuator is usually to generate the attenuation through absorbing light, like the sun glasses additional light energy absorption, likewise, fiber optic attenuator have a job which can absorb the light wavelength range, under the wavelength, it should not be reflected light, because this may lead to unnecessary echo reflection in the fiber optic equipment system. Another type of optical fiber attenuator with a certain length of fiber optic equipment high loss and reduce the input optical signal power and run in such a way that its output signal power is less than the input signal power. Through the absorption, reflection, diffusion, scattering light signal, deflection, diffraction and dispersion, etc. To reduce the light power.
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