The working principle of LIBS LIBS2500 fiber spectrometer and its accessories

by:FOT     2020-07-09
LIBS2500 fiber optic spectrometer with a high intensity pulse laser focus on the sample surface, a wide 10 nanoseconds laser single pulse plasma samples will evaporate. With the cooling of plasma, the plasma in the excited states of atoms will release corresponding element characteristic wavelengths. The light will be probe collected and transmitted to the spectrometer, the system will be in a second to analyze the whole spectrum. OOILIBS operating software containing element emission characteristic spectrum database, can automatically identify all of the elements in the sample.

LIBS2500 - 7 fiber spectrometer using linear CCD array detector used in 200 - seven The analysis of the 980 - nm bandwidth. All the spectrometer will trigger to get the data at the same time. Detector can easily use USB interface to connect to the computer. In order to reduce costs, you can use less than seven detector channel system ( Details please see the following chart) The scope of, but the element analysis will be smaller. Based on the scope of your analysis, you can choose your system in a relatively low price of the channel number.

LIBS sample room

LIBS - SC sample room is an important part of a LIBS system, can be safely in the case of samples to provide clear vision for various operations. Has an eye protection device, there is a safety interlock device makes the laser when open the door won't open. It also can undertake XYZ direction on the manual adjustment and LIBS - is optional IM - USB module provides image lighting. 填词, SC has a inert gas cleanout and straw to remove particles, and the ability to focus the laser in 40? M's spot on. Our sample room is the company's laser and Big Sky technology

LIBS careful analysis of image module

LIBS - IM - The USB module can be directly connected to the LIBS - image SC sample room, the user amplification sampling image and focus of laser spot on the sample. When using LIBS - LIBS - SC IM - USB and laser on the same platform makes the laser focus more focused, fast and convenient. USB interface color cameras can capture images of the samples before and after melting, the resolution of the image is 1280 & times; 1024 pixels.

LIBS laser choose

LIBS2500 laser can have two options, they are laser industry leading products of Big Sky. Laser melting and the formation of plasma of different samples are very unique, so for different samples have different energy requirements. In most applications we adopt Q switch 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser. If you want to have a variety of functions, we suggest using 200 mj with attenuator laser, it can adjust the laser energy according to the sample. Laser energy and the choice of the wavelength will vary according to the material and allow damage degree. 填词, LASER using 50 mj CFR Nd: YAG LASER, for metal and thin film samples. 填词, LAS200MJ USES 200 mj CFR Nd: YAG laser, can be applied to most of the other materials.

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