The working principle of fiber optic cable survey instrument

by:FOT     2020-11-10
As fiber application in communication among more and more popular, and in the communication pipe to form a large number of complex and intertwined cable, aerial and ground, fiber optic equipment communications engineers need to find something, if id fall off or weather-beaten, logo is not clear, will be a touchy issue. How to rapidly and effectively search, in order to enhance the efficiency and safety of dealing with the fault, is each engineering maintenance personnel are faced with the problem. Cable survey instrument is also called cable identification device, it is according to the principle of optical interference, through optical coherent demodulation of percussion of the cable vibration signal is converted to visual signals and audio signals, accurately find and identify laid by well, tunnels, pipes and electric pole aerial target environments such as optical cable. In the process of looking for optical cable, completely replace the previous cable identification methods, such as cutting, bending, frozen, just tap on a fiber optic cable. Product application fields: three major telecom operators, electricity, communications, radio and television, coal mines and forces private network cable maintenance and testing, life can also be used in the passive state aid, such as underground mine rescue system. 1 and census of resource of optical cable and identification for communication operators or specialized communication optical cable line resources census work with logo 2, target accurately locate in fiber optic cables for complicated cable environment, rapid and convenient to find the target cable, instead pulling, cutting, bending, frozen traditional cable identification methods such as passive call 3, mine rescue system for mine safety factors in the event of a failure because of the power supply or power supply is broken, can't get contact with the outside world. This system can be in the event of danger, mine personnel, tap on a cable directly, and position of state aid workers can learn life application principle of RS series cable survey instrument is a use of Mach - Zed optical interference method, through the optical coherent demodulation of percussion of the cable vibration signal is converted into a visual signal and audio signal. Accurately locate and identify laid by Wells, tunnels, pipes and electric pole aerial target environments such as optical cable.
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