The working principle of distributed optical fiber temperature sensor and performance analysis

by:FOT     2020-07-02

the distributed temperature sensor is a kind of sensing system for real-time temperature field measurement space. The system adopts the advanced optical time-domain reflectometer ( OTDR) Technology, combined with Raman scattering effect to temperature measurement in the distributed temperature field measurement.

compared with the traditional electric temperature sensor, the distributed temperature sensor with electromagnetic interference resistance, electric insulation, corrosion resistance, intrinsically safe; High sensitivity; Light weight, small volume, can be crooked; Measurement object widely; The cost is low, the advantages of long service life and high reliability, can be widely used in power cable, subway tunnels, mine roadway, the temperature of the oil storage tank, the structure of the large construction monitoring and fire alarm.

a basic working principle,

using distributed temperature sensor is the spontaneous Raman scattering effect in the and the OTDR technology, the basic working process as shown in the above. Light pulses of light through the wavelength division multiplexer ( WDM) Enter the temperature measurement , stimulates the photons in the to fiber molecular inelastic collision, generates the stokes light and low frequency high frequency shift of stokes light, backscattering of anti stokes light and stokes light, again arrive via WDM photoelectric detector in photoelectric conversion, zui after entering the signal processing system is analyzed. Among them, according to the principle of OTDR, through photoelectric detector to detect the light signal of time can be calculated backscattering light in position; By detecting the change of backscattering light power to realize the temperature measurement of the distributed temperature measurement.

second, the system advantages:

compared with traditional temperature probe, distributed temperature sensor has many advantages, mainly includes:

1. Distributed measurement of distributed sensor can realize along the detection cable several kilometers in real time, on-line temperature measurement;

2。 High positioning accuracy

distributed temperature measuring system adopts advanced optical time domain reflection technology, can the positioning of the high temperature alarm point location and fault occurring;

3。 Distance two prominent advantages of measurement is small, large quantities of data loss in the case of without relay, can realize remote monitoring and control of a few kilometers;

4。 Resistance to electromagnetic interference for quartz nature, electric insulation completely; Optical fiber as a carrier signal, at the same time, the intrinsic safety, free from any interference of external electromagnetic environment;

5。 Vibration resistance

with as a feeling soft sensing medium will not be affected by a variety of vibration and shock.

6。 Lightning-proof sensors in lightning often damaged in the environment, and fiber optic sensor due to fully electric insulation, can resist the impact of the high voltage and high current;

7。 Most high sensitivity, high precision measurement theory of sensor is better than the normal sensor sensitivity and accuracy of measurement, mature products have also proves this point;

8。 Long life, low cost, simple system of fiber materials for quartz glass commonly, corrosion resistance, fireproof, water resistant and long life characteristics, can usually be served 30 years, and fiber optic sensor after their own costs and maintenance costs are low.

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