The winds are high technology & Softing of sino-german joint venture company held a press conference

by:FOT     2020-07-18
On February 9, 2018 Beijing wind high Softing with Germany held a joint press conference in Shanghai, the two sides announced a joint venture company was formally established, and signed a joint venture agreement. Mr Wind high technology CEO Qiu Jun, wind high technology manager Yang Huanhuan, Softing AG CEO Dr. Mr Wolfgang Trier, Softing ITN business China gm Chen Quanhao and media reporters attended the press conference. Wind high technology CEO Mr Qiu Jun firstly introduces the development of high technology and Softing wind, main business, the purpose of a joint venture and the joint venture company main business and planning for the future. Then Dr. Wolfgang Trier also expressed the Softing's emphasis on the Chinese market as well as to the prospects of the joint venture. Speak to Mr Qiu Jun wind high science and technology is the leading technology companies, was founded in 2003, headquartered in Beijing, has subsidiaries in Shanghai and Hong Kong, for the automotive industry and related industries to provide professional products, innovative solutions, as well as engineering services, consulting, training and customer support. Now has passed the certification of ISO 9000 certification, customs general enterprise, high-tech enterprise certification, and has a number of software copyright, trademark and so on, and ASAM, a member of the international organizations such as the CiA, OBD4HDD. Wind high DSO with independent research and development of its brand, the German IPETRONIK company, Germany Janztec companies such as the only strategic partner in China, and now with the German Softing company joint venture agreement, will achieve high internationalization wind, at the same time, strengthen the wind high market position in China's automobile industry. Wind hill typical customers include: mercedes-benz, BMW, audi, Volkswagen, general motors, saic, faw, Beijing auto, dongfeng, autoliv, TRW, Bosch rexroth, fukuda thunder, heavy industry, Harbin Institute of Technology, and so on. 博士。 Wolfgang Trier speaking German Softing company was founded in 1979 in Germany, Hal is automotive electronics, IT network and the world's leading industrial automation industry listed companies. Softing has more than 30 years experience in automotive electronics, is the international automobile manufacturers and a major supplier of ECU partner, is also a member of the automotive electronics industry standards development organizations. Softing services in the field of measurement, test and diagnosis, covers from the development of the electronic control unit and the whole system to the production, to after-sales service throughout the life cycle. Through the Softing professional solutions enable customers to rapid accurate to evaluate the function of electronic auto parts, to help customers to ensure product quality and cost optimization. Currently has DTS - 第一项——威尼斯 Studio、DTS- Monaco、DTS- Automation and DTS - COS, etc. Products. Softing IT Networks business, mainly for the telecommunications, data center, mainframe or industrial automation field to provide professional measuring equipment, used for testing, identification, certification and records based on the technical standards of the world's copper and the performance of the fiber, thus ensuring in the entire network life cycle faster, more secure data communication connection optimization. And industrial automation focused on field bus and network communication and automation system. Products including software and hardware, involving data integration to basic communications and network monitoring and diagnosis, customers in automotive, steel, aerospace and other industries. As an international enterprise, Softing currently has nearly 500 employees worldwide, annual output value of more than 80 million euros, and has set up a branch in multiple countries and offices. Softing of typical customers include: mercedes-benz, BMW, Volkswagen, audi, porsche and Daimler, China automobile and so on. Wind high technology CEO Mr Qiu Jun a reporter asked the china-germany big mergers, realize the complementary advantages, believe assemble shareholder both advantages of the joint venture company will provide more competitive products and services, to create greater value for customers, for partners to bring more opportunities and make greater contribution to local economic development. Both sides said they would increase the investment of manpower and material resources, and improve pre-sales, after-sales service and technical training, strengthen the development of new products. After the wind hill has developed together with the Softing for ECU engineering diagnosis instrument of diagnostic tests ( Q - Tester) , will immediately launch a Q - automated testing tools This year, Automation, wire DTS9 at the meeting. 0 version, the future will also be for the Chinese car development after diagnosis instrument, etc. In recent years, in the face of China's economic challenges, as well as the national strategy of 'area', the opportunities, the joint venture company will also actively respond to a nation, for the new energy cars contribute strength, intelligent driving field. At present in the field of new energy has been involved in the electric car SanDian system test, production and after-sale diagnosis schemes, the road test, etc. , has been published in the field of intelligent driving ADAS, smart car ECU test and road test and evaluation. The wind high technology & amp; Joint venture agreement Softing pose wind high technology & amp; Softing the top photo
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