The wavelength of the fiber optic spectrometer how to choose?

by:FOT     2020-06-19
Fiber optic spectrometer spectrometer for short, is a kind of used to detect the electromagnetic spectrum of optical characteristics of the specific area of the instrument. It is by collecting light, then the spectral dispersion, zui will light signal reconstruction after like into a series of monochromatic image, thus carries on the test. The advantages of fiber optic equipment spectrometer is the system of modularization and flexibility. To cope with such advanced instruments and equipment, how to select its wavelength? According to different application field, the user must be in the United States ocean optics spectrometer using modular design a variety of optical components and options to choose. In zui optimized configuration for a spectrometer system, wavelength range of grating model is first important parameters to consider. If you need a relatively wide wavelength range, we recommend that you use 600 lines/mm grating ( Please see the spectrometer grating selection in products section table) 。 Another important element is the choice of detector. For uv ( UV) Application of band can choose deep ultraviolet ( DUV) Enhanced 2048 or 3648 pixels CCD detector. In the near infrared ( NIR) Band, there are two different InGaAs detector can choose. If you need to have both a wide wavelength range and high resolution, the multi-channel spectrometer is zui preferred choice.
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