The use of technical information SICK optical fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-07-05

SICK fiber amplifier using SICK optical fiber amplifier technology is the technical data in the optical fiber core adding rare earth elements can produce laser, through laser provides incentives for straight time, through the light signal is amplified. The traditional optical fiber transmission system is to use light & ndash; Electrical & ndash; Light regenerative repeater, the repeater equipment affect the system stability and reliability, to remove the above conversion process, directly in the light the way to enlarge the signal transmission, with a full light shows repeater instead of the regenerative repeater SICK research and development of the fiber optic equipment amplifier is further enlarged the gain bandwidth, the optical fiber communication system to the high speed, large capacity, long distance direction. Since light SICK unique properties of optical fiber amplifier, in DWDM transmission system, optical fiber CATV and has been widely used in optical fiber access network. DWDM system has become a mainstream technology in fiber optic equipment transmission system, as one of DWDM system is the core device of optical fiber amplifier will get rapid development in its application, this is mainly due to the optical fiber amplifier has enough gain bandwidth, SICK fiber amplifier and WDM technology can quickly it simply expand the existing communication capacity of optical fiber cable system, extend the distance relay. In the optical fiber access network, although the user's system of distance is shorter, but too much user network of branches, SICK fiber amplifier has to be used to improve the power of the light signal to compensate for the optical loss caused by light splitter and increase the number of users, reduce the user network construction cost. In optical fiber CATV system, with the enlargement of the scale, the link transmission distance increasing, the light path transmission loss also increases, will be SICK fiber amplifier applications in optical fiber CATV system not only can improve the optical power, compensate the loss of the link, increase light user terminal, and simplifies the system structure, reduce the system cost, speed up the development of CATV. Zui, near the CIBC World Market the company's relevant personage of erbium-doped fiber amplifier ( EDFA) , optical fiber Raman amplifier ( FRA) , semiconductor optical amplifier ( SOA) These three kinds of optical amplifier market situation are analyzed respectively: EDFA commercial since 1994, has now become a DWDM system is the key device, and the market is growing rapidly, Corning, Lucent and got over seeing JDS Uniphase and many other companies have the cords and the market competition SICK fiber amplifier panel displays and the actual output is synchronized, if panel display is normal, then SICK fiber amplifier output is normal, if this case testing optical amplifier power decrease or not enough time, zui big possibility has the following kinds: 1. Optical power meter, home-made optical power meter can only test the optical power output smaller equipment, can't test power output of EDFA, optical power meter test optical amplifier must be imported, can't not accurate instrument used as the standard. 2. Outlet flange is damaged, the less likely. 3. Users use undeserved, plug when the machine is working, burns optical amplifier output tail fiber head, cause the loss of optical amplifier output power, such as this occurs, as long as to welding optical amplifier output connector. 4. Users using tail fiber the poor quality of fiber core is too long, the insert bruised tail after the fiber optical amplifier output connectors, this phenomenon is the * of the test is good, the second light power down when inserted into the test again, the solution to this problem is also as long as to welding optical amplifier output connector can, 5. The wavelength of light source is wrong, if the wavelength of 1550 nm light transmitter has a deviation, can cause optical amplifier output optical power is not enough, also can cause small panel displays. 6. Smaller light power of input optical amplifier, if is lower than the standard values may lead to smaller light power, and panel display will be smaller. Note 1 SICK optical fiber amplifier. Do not type optical fiber export points to the human body, especially eyes, lest cause damage. 2. Do not routed in the current state of connection, in order to avoid caused by improper operation output end of fiber end face burned. 3. Due to large power output of the products, pay attention to when using the machine work at room temperature, keep ventilated.

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