The United States Luxtron optical fiber thermometer parameters

by:FOT     2020-06-21

the Luxtron parameters of fiber optic equipment thermometer

Luxtron One is a single channel fiber optic equipment thermometer, is very suitable for the harsh chemical environment and high temperature measuring electrical noise environment. Luxtron One meet the national institute of standards and technology ( NIST) 100 ℃ can track the calibration.

Luxtron One no drift do not need to recalibrate, so that you can get to ensure that: ensure that the instrument and probe measurement of life. Its measuring range is - 10 ℃ to 200 ℃, the accuracy is 0. 5℃。

Luxtron One has a LCD screen, the user can choose, 0 ℃ or ℉ units. 1 ° or 1 ° resolution. Other features include a display to keep and zui zui small readings. A built-in USB interface can be continuous data acquisition by computer.

note: due to the power supply requirements, Luxtron One need to receive the 110 v - 240 v ac power to work.

occasions measuring thermocouple failure

Luxtron One have a 2 meters long Luxtron One fiber optic equipment probe, it is not affected by electrical, magnetic, EMI) , radio frequency ( RF) And the influence of microwave interference. Unlike other metal thermocouple and thermistor, Luxtron optical fiber probe can be directly used in high pressure, electric, magnetic and microwave occasions, for electronic equipment or fiber optic instruments without any damage. Luxtron One probe is PFA Teflon coating so it can be used in corrosive chemical environment, non-metallic, 100% for combustible and explosive environment does not produce any spark.

and reliable technology with 25 years rich experience, there have been thousands of sets of instruments and the probe is used on a daily basis, Luxtron is optical fiber temperature measurement zui for reliable name in the industry.

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