The United States bonner banner direct optical fiber sensor

by:FOT     2020-06-28

United States bonner banner fiber optic sensor direct city construction, Bridges, DAMS, oil field and other interference of gyroscope and grating pressure sensor applications. Optical fiber sensors can be embedded in concrete, carbon fiber reinforced plastics and various kinds of composite materials, used to test the stress relaxation, construction stress and dynamic load stress, short-term construction stage to assess the bridge structure performance and long-term operating status. In power system, it is necessary to determine the parameters such as temperature, current, such as the high voltage transformer and the detection of temperature in the large motor stator and rotor, etc. , due to the electric sensors are vulnerable to the interference of electromagnetic field, cannot be used on such occasions, can only use fiber optic sensor. Distributed temperature sensor is in recent years developed a kind of space used for real-time measurement of temperature field distribution of high and new technology, the distributed temperature sensor system not only has the advantages of fiber optic sensor generally, also has on each point of the temperature distribution along the fiber optic sensing ability, take advantage of the features we can continuous real-time measurement of , the temperature at various points within a few kilometers along the position precision can reach m level, the level of measurement precision can reach 1 degree, the temperature measurement of a wide range of node applications very applicable. Optical fiber sensor also can be used in the railway monitoring, rocket propulsion system, and the well testing, etc. Optical fiber at the same time have broadband, large capacity, long distance transmission and can realize multiple parameter, distributed, sensing the significant advantages of low energy consumption. Optical fiber sensing can continuous absorption of the communication new technology, new devices, all kinds of sensor is expected to be widely used in the Internet of things. With the development of the sensor technology. fiber optic equipment sensor in the field of civil engineering has been widely used, used to measure the deformation and internal stress of concrete structure, the detection of large bridge structure, health, etc. , zui main of them are the fiber optic sensor used as a new type of strain sensor. fiber optic equipment sensors can be paste on the surface structure is used to measure, at the same time can also be achieved by embedded structure internal physical quantity measurement. Using the embedded sensors in advance, in the process of damaged concrete structure can be internal strain measurement, according to the load - again Strain curve slope, can determine the structure formation and expansion of internal damage. Through concrete experiment show that the test load - Strain curve is higher than strain gauge testing linearity. United States bonner banner fiber optic sensor direct selling

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