The Turkish SICK optical fiber sensor and optical fiber WLL170 - Type 2 n132

by:FOT     2020-06-20

the Turkish SICK fiber optic equipment sensor and fiber optic equipment WLL170 - Type 2 n132 features:

sensor principle/detection principle of fiber optic sensor size ( Wide high x x deep) 10. 5毫米x 35。 5毫米x 83。 7 mm shell shape ( Beam) 0 mm square big switch distance. 。 。 4000 mm, 1) direct system

0 mm induction distance. 。 。 160 mm, button system 2) 3)

0毫米。 。 。 4) 700 mm, direct system

focal length 5) Light visible red light LED6) Emitter scattering Angle about 65 & deg; 5) Axial length 660 nm setting potentiometer, 10 type closed circle time delay time delay by slide switch, 40 ms display LED

mechanical/electrical parameters 10 V DC power supply voltage. 。 。 30 V DC1) Residual ripple 10% 2) Current consumption & le; 30马) Switch output NPN output light/dark number 1 switch type switch type can be selected by Ming tong/dark switching output current Imax. ≤ 100 mA response time & le; 250 µ s4) Switching frequency 2000 Hz5) Input - Connection type cables, 3, 2 m6) Conductor material PVC wire cross section 0. 2 mm² Diameter of wire & Oslash; 3. Protection circuit for 8 mm





protection grade III 70 g in weight plastic shell material, ABS/PC IP6611 protection grade) Scope of supply mounting bracket BEF - WLL170 running environment temperature & ndash; 25 ° C。 。 。 +55 ° C storage environment temperature & ndash; 40 ° C。 。 。 +70 ° CUL file Numbers NRKH. E300503 & NRKH7。 E300503

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