The theory of optical fiber and optical fiber structure

by:FOT     2020-06-28
Cable is mainly in today's information society all sorts of information network transmission tool. If the & other; Throughout the Internet &; Called & other; Information highway & throughout; , then, is the cornerstone of the information highway - cable network - - - - - - - - - - - - The physical routing of cable network is the Internet. Once one of the cable damage and blocking, the direction & other; Information highway & throughout; Is destroyed. Through the optical transmission of information, in addition to the usual, telegraph, fax, now a large number of transmission and TV signals, bank transfer, and the stock market can't interrupt the information. At present, the long distance communication optical cable transmission method has been developed from PDH to SDH development, transmission rate has been at the beginning of from 140 to 2 MB/S development. 5 gb / S, 4报; 2. 5 gb / S, 16报; 2. 5 gb/S or higher, that is to say, a pair of fiber core can be opened article 30000, article 120000, article 480000 even more speech path to development. Such a large transmission capacity, fiber optic cable once block not only cause huge losses to the telecoms sector, and because of poor communication, can cause inconvenience to the masses, such as computer users can't surf the Internet, stocks, bank remittance is not known to areas, unable to access their ears, all kinds of information transmission. Once in the remote mountainous area, cable interruption, you can make the county along the cable even several counties in isolation on communication, become an island. To the communist party organs and the people is incalculable losses. A, light and characteristics: 1. Light is an electromagnetic wave part visible light wavelength range is: 390 ~ 760 nm, Nanometer) 。 Greater than 760 nm part is infrared light, less than 390 nm part is ultraviolet light. In the application more is: 850131 0155 0 3 kinds. 2. Light refraction, reflection and total reflection. Because of the light propagation velocity is different in different materials, so the light from a substance into another substance, at the interface of these two materials will produce the refraction and reflection. Moreover, the Angle of refraction of light changes over the Angle of the incident light. When the Angle of the incident light reach or exceed a certain Angle, the refracted light will disappear, all incident light is reflected back, this is the total reflection of light. Different substances on the same wavelength of light refraction Angle is different, Different materials have different light refractive index) , the same material with different wavelengths of light refraction Angle is also different. fiber optic equipment communication is based on the above principle.
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