The SPE to Ethernet Single Pair Ethernet ( SPE)

by:FOT     2020-07-15
Introduction: Single Pair Ethernet ( SPE) Is only through a single line for Ethernet data transmission technology. In addition to the data transmission through Ethernet, the SPE can also through the PoDL ( Cable, power supply) For the terminal equipment power supply at the same time. SPE iot for industry ( IIoT) Opens up new possibilities and applications. Origin: SPE initially originated in the auto industry, in a small space to meet the high reliability of high data rate and can reduce the weight of the vehicle wiring, reduce the cost, so as to improve the competitiveness of the automobile manufacturers. Trend: with the Internet of things industry ( IIoT) 4 and the industry. 0 and is widely used, with the rapid development of SPE is finding wider and wider application fields, such as industrial automation, security, robot, motorcycle, automobile, etc. In the above all kinds of Internet of things application scenario, access to a large number of devices, such as high-definition cameras, sensors, high resolution display and so on. Reduce weight, reduce cost, simplify the installation process of the three major advantages to make the SPE has become one of the key to the success of the Internet of things technology. The SPE connector: the international electrotechnical commission ( IEC) To have been issued two connector standard IEC 63171 -, respectively And IEC 63171-1 6. IEC 63171 - 1 connector is mainly used in building automation environment, and IEC 63171 - Six is mainly used in industrial environment, meet the protection class IP or IP 67. In addition, the first M8 M12 and specifications of the IP 65/67 connector will come out this year. At the same time, the IEC 63171 - And IEC 63171-2 5 two connector standard also to be released. The SPE cable: IEC 61156 standard defines SPE cables in the following three kinds of standards: installation type, transmission maximum length and data transmission rate. IEC 61156 - 11 ( Fixed the application) And IEC 61156 - 12 ( Flexible application) The standard is in the transmission distance of 40 meters to 1 Gbit/s transmission rate, and maximum bandwidth of 600 MHz cables. IEC 61156 - for longer transmission distance 13 ( Fixed the application) And IEC 61156 - 14 ( Flexible application) The standard, is proposed. In addition, the SPE - PoDL cable maximum power in the transmission process of 50 w, cable can be divided into 22 AWG and 26 AWG. 22 AWG cable is characteristic of high power transmission via PoDL, has a good attenuation. Instead, 26 AWG cable has the fine diameter, the advantages of light. In addition to the standardization of the cable type, IEC is currently in development for a wide variety of physical and mechanical properties, For example: torque, drag chain or robot application, etc. ) A special version. To make terminal providers have more and more appropriate choice.
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