The selection and use of micro fiber spectrometer grating ruler

by:FOT     2020-06-22
Micro fiber spectrometer is a kind of measuring tool, mainly used for measuring the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared and infrared light intensity of the instrument, measurement, high degree, flexible use, good reliability, etc.

fiber optic spectrometer spectral color measurement instrument according to the optical path structure can be divided into single beam and double beam optical colorimeter. Single-beam instrument has simple structure, low in cost, but easily instability due to the light source and detector sensitivity changes, integral ball efficiency drop factors affect the measurement result. Therefore, the commonly used instruments for double beam. The advantages of micro fiber spectrometer is system of modularization and flexibility, the main products are fiber optic equipment spectrometer, measuring speed, can be used for on-line analysis of various factors, color, chemical composition, concentration and so on. The performance of fiber optic equipment spectrometer is mainly determined by spectral range, optical resolution and sensitivity. Miniature fiber optic spectrometer grating feet how to choose and use? You choose mainly according to the practical wavelength range to select scribed line of grating and blaze wavelength. 1, how to choose the grating grating groove, the spectral resolution is directly related to how much grating groove, groove more high spectral resolution, groove less wide spectral range, both flexible choice according to the test. 2, blaze wavelength, blaze wavelength for grating diffraction efficiency point, so you choose should choose as far as possible when the blaze wavelength near the experiment need wavelength. As the experiment for the visible light range, can choose blaze wavelength of 500 nm. 3, using range. 4, efficiency of grating, grating diffraction efficiency is given to the ratio of classes of monochromatic light. The less efficiency of grating signal loss. To improve the efficiency, in addition to improve the grating manufacture craft, also the use of special coating, improve the efficiency of reflection.
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